101 Amazing Sights of the Night Sky

101_amazing_sights_night_sky_9781591935575_FC-429x600With the solar eclipse of August 21st, Adventure Publications thought we might be interested in observing the night sky so they sent along 101 Amazing Sights of the Night Sky for us to check out.

Is there anything more amazing than the night sky? You’ve seen the stars and the constellations—but there’s so much more to discover! George Moromisato’s guide introduces you to 101 sights, from old favorites like Saturn’s famous rings to awe-inspiring wonders like the Andromeda Galaxy. Learn what to look for and when and where to find it! The sights are ranked by beauty, accessibility, and historical importance, and the guide features at least one full-color photograph for each entry, including many from NASA. As an added bonus, the author’s astrophotography tips provide information about taking pictures of the night sky. This astronomy book is perfect for beginners, as many objects can be seen with the unaided eye or binoculars, while others simply require a small telescope.


The book features 101 phenomena and objects, ranked by beauty, accessibility, and importance.  The book covers everything from viewing the Moon, Mars and Jupiter to spotting the Andromeda Galaxy.  Each amazing sight has information about equipment needed to view the phenomenon from binoculars to small telescopes.  The guide has beautiful full-color photographs, including many from NASA.  There are tips to help you begin taking your own photographs of the night sky.  The best part is that there are charts with dates of upcoming solar eclipses, meteor showers and more so you can get your feet wet without missing any of the spectacular sights.

amazing_sights_night_sky_cards_9781591936947_PC-439x600If you’re looking for another way to introduce the stars to your kids or have a friend that loves stargazing, Adventure Publications also has their Amazing Sights of the Night Sky Playing Cards.  This gorgeous deck of playing cards, put together by author George Moromisato, features full-color photographs of 54 of the best objects and phenomena the night sky has to offer, including the Andromeda Galaxy, the International Space Station, planets, and more! Anyone who enjoys stargazing will love having these cards for playing their favorite games or to use as flash cards.

George Moromisato is an American software engineer, game designer, and astrophotogapher.  He’s been programming for 70% of his life and has worked at Microsoft, IBM, and Lotus Development Corporation.  His first love is astronomy, and he avidly photographs the night sky.