How to play creative destruction on PC

The new age mobile game that has got millions of users and features the most interesting game play can be known as creative destruction.

The game has more than 5 million downloads and has been growing since the date of release. The game is modern era beauty that features thrill of exploring places and combat gaming.

The game allows you to destroy building and battlefields while you are fighting your opponent.

The game features both team mode and arcade mode. You just need to make sure that you are the last man standing to win the game.

Advantage on the big screen

The game requires skill and awareness to be the last man standing and hence it needs to be projected on a big screen or a computer screen.

The larger screen will allow to move freely and see your opponents more clearly. In addition, big screen will involve the use of keyboard which can be helpful in making the maximum number of kills.

How to play in PC

There can be three mediums, which can be used to play it on PC. The three things can be a power mirror, memu app player and a Nox app player. This is section will talk about all three sections so that you will know, how to play this game in PC with ease.

1. Apower mirror

This an application, which helps to mirror the application of your IOS and android devices, on your computer screen. The application can used to stream videos, music and pictures in your big screen.

For gamers this application allows the use of keyboards, which you can use to control the characters in your game. This application, also gives you the advantage of taking screenshot and mark specific areas of gameplay. All you need in s Wi-Fi connection and rest the application will do for itself.

2. Memu app player

This is a player that only focusses on running android games on your pc. This application has an inbuilt google play download option which can be used to provide you the game without the phone.

The previous application needed the phone to run the game but this application does not. The application support early games like candy crush and new age games like creative destruction.

The only downside of this application, can be the sluggish performance it provides, when it is used for the longer periods of time.

Nox app player

Another application, that streams games from android device, is known as the Nox application. This is one of the favourite application among the gamers, as it is known to provide sluggish free performance.

The application comes with an inbuilt controller, which can be used to control the characters in the gameplay. For instance, you can assign any key from your keyboard to move the character from one place to another or use it to kill your opponent.

The application is free, but you can annoyed as big games like creative destruction can take some time to load. This can be bit annoying sometimes.

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