How to sell farms in dragon city

Farming is one of the most critical game in dragon city. Agriculture is essential since through this you can provide enough food for your dragons. Once you feed your dragons properly, you are automatically making your dragons powerful.

Thus, to get more food you need to earn more gold. In layman’s terms, farms are basic need for your dragons. As you progress in the game you will have the ability to upgrade your farms. This article will list some of the farms that you will come across in the dragon city hack, and these are mentioned below:

Food and big food farm

This is the primary farm that is unlocked at level 1. Opening this farm, you will get an exp of 100. Now the big farm gets unlocked in level 8. To buy this farm, you would need 25, 000 gold which was only 100 gold for food farm.

At level 18, you will come across a more improved firm known as the vast food farm. This is expensive farm to buy since you would need an expense of 500, 00 gold coins.

Things to grow

Now, this is very important that you must take note off. Building a crop that is no use to the dragon can me waste of time and money. The farms which have mentioned above can grow plants that are useful for dragons and make you worthy of reward.

Now how much time you spent in the game, is the way for building a successful crop. Meaning if you are playing for a short period, then you need to plant a crop that will grow in short time frame. If you planning on playing overnight, then you must keep a long crop that will grow and provide you with reward.

Types of crops

One of the popular plants that you can grow is hot dragon crops, caterpillar lily, warm dragon chill and unicorn horn. Dragon ball takes the shortest time to grow since it takes a short time frame of 30 seconds to harvest and needs a gold of 10 to be purchased.

Using this crop, a player can manage 25exp. Another plant that is popular in dragon city is hot dragon city. This crop comes for 250 gold coins and takes about 5 minutes to harvest. Using the plant, the player can reap an exp of 250. Coming to caterpillar lily, it takes around 30 minutes to grow and provide you with a reward of 1000 exp.

Unicorn horn is crop that makes really good time to harvest. So, if you are planning the game for more than 2 hours then this is the ideal corn to harvest. This crop requires an investment of 500 gold and can provide you with a 5000 reward.

Final thoughts

From the above information, it is clear that framing is one of the critical factors in the dragon city and selling of farms with lot of crops can provide with enough amount of gold that can be used to breed most rare dragons.

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