3 tips to help remove toxins in the home

house-insurance-419058_640We are exposed to toxins every single day whether we like it or not. There is not one aspect of our lives that is toxin free, but although there is very little chance that we can escape them completely, by adjusting our lifestyle we can reduce the degree to which we expose ourselves and our children to them. Here are three tips to help reduce the toxins in our homes.

  1. Eat organic

The most prevalent way we introduce our children to toxins is through their diet. The vast majority of foods available to us are laden with chemicals from the use of pesticides in the farming process. Organic foods are more expensive than the intensively farmed foods, so if you are unable to financially commit to organic food, check out this list of foods that are deemed the dirty dozen, and make sure that when you are doing your groceries, you buy organic. You can avoid 90% of pesticide exposure by avoiding these top 12 non-organic fruit and vegetables.

Reduce the amount of processed foods you buy and cook for your family. The convenience of them is at the expense of your toxin levels as they usually contain artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified organisms. Of course, avoiding these foods altogether would be ideal, but just by reducing the consumption of them will help.

  1. Check the labels on personal care products

In our society, we are very image conscious and aware, but have you looked at the labels on your products? Cosmetics contain a huge number of chemicals and toxins that we put on our bodies. What we place on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream – just think about nicotine patches. What do you use on your baby? Make sure that your choice of diaper rash ointment, for example, is paraben free, perfume free and dye free. Your baby has this ointment applied several times a day so it is important to get the best quality. Think also about the shampoo, conditioners and even the bubble bath you have for your children.

  1. Clean your home’s air

Did you know that the air we breathe indoors can be two to three more toxic than the air we breathe outside? There are some quick and easy solutions to this shocking statistic: insist that people do not smoke in your home, and get those windows open to ventilate rooms. You can also introduce house plants to help remove the toxins that are in your home. There are numerous plants that can help both neutralize the chemicals that are found in your home, and replenish oxygen supplies.

The tips above are easy to apply swiftly to your everyday life. You need to continue your mission to reduce your homes toxicity in the long run too. When you need to replace or buy furniture, think about the material it is made from. The majority of pressed woods, for example, contain vast amounts of chemicals and glues – not something that you would want in your children’s bedrooms or the baby’s nursery. At Christmas and for birthdays, encourage loved ones to buy your children organic or non-toxic toys – especially ones that your baby will play with as they usually go straight in their mouth!