3 Unique Style Tips for Dressing Your Baby

3 Unique Style Tips for Dressing Your Baby

baby_team_jerseyThere are only so many times that you can dress your baby in a onesie before you start wondering what else is out there. The good news is that there are many different ways to bring fashion into your baby’s wardrobe, and if you choose right, they won’t cost you any more time or energy than pulling on their regular clothes. If you’re ready to give a pint-sized makeover to your favorite model, here are just a few fun and unique tips for dressing your baby.

1. Have a Theme

All good outfits have a theme. It doesn’t matter if it’s a certain color scheme, a particular animal motif or just a general concept like “superheroes” “vintage style.” If you want the outfit to come together, it needs to have something combining its separate elements into one cohesive whole. Keep this in mind as you shop for baby outfits and accessories. If you pick up whale-patterned socks, make sure that you can match them with a blue and white outfit. If you buy polka-dot leggings, buy a polka-dot dress as well.

2. Turn Them Into Your Team’s Littlest Fan

Whether it’s NBA, MLB or NFL baby clothes, your child will look adorable when you swaddle them in team colors. These clothes aren’t hard to track down, either; you can find everything from baby-sized jerseys to tiny toddler shoes in most memorabilia stores. If you’re willing to splurge a little, you can even buy matching outfits for you and your tot! Yours will be the full-sized version; theirs will be the charmingly miniature version of the same thing.

3. Accessorize Their Hair

Your little girl will look adorable with pigtails and barrettes. Your son will rock a stylish hat. Fashion doesn’t have to stop at the body; you can find all kinds of hair and head accessories to either make a statement or tie an outfit together. Don’t just run a brush through your child’s hair and consider yourself done. Play around and experiment before they get too old to allow it!

These are just a few ways to do something new with your little one’s wardrobe. Whether you’re a single mom hoping to take adorable baby photos or an athletic dad wanting to deck your baby in team colors, use these tips for making your bundle of joy even cuter than they already are.