5 DIY Father’s Day Gifts

It’s June, believe it or not and Father’s Day is only a few weeks away. If you are stuck trying to figure out a gift that is as awesome as Dad, I have some suggestions. These DIY Father’s Day gifts will make dad smile and won’t involve you spending a ton of money. Bonus: they can keep the kids occupied now that school is over. win-win!

1. The Simple Handprint With Poem

Father's Day Gift

2. The Perfect Painting for Dad.

Tape the letters D-A-D on a canvas (these go on sale regularly at the craft store, or you can use a 50% off coupon). Then have the kids paint over the entire canvas. Once it dries, pull the tape off and Dad has a custom, limited edition artistic masterpiece for his office.

3. A Custom Coffee Mug

All you need is a ceramic mug and sharpies. You can find the mugs at Wal-mart or the Dollar Store. Decorate the mug however they would like. Then bake it in the oven at 350 degrees F for 30mins.

Father's Day Gift

4. Book About Dad

Ask your child(ren) different questions about their dad. Favorite color, sport, shape, food, etc Write it all down and have the kids decorate their pages. Add a picture of them with dad or by themselves on the pages and hole punch it and tie it with a ribbon. Or staple it, it is for a guy after all I don’t think the binding choice will be notices much!

5. King of the Grill

Similar concept to the mug but with a tray. To save money you could check out your local thrift store for a serving tray. Use ceramic paint for the hand prints. I found this idea on Pinterest (shocker I know!)

Father's Day Gift

source credit: Painted Pig Studio

How do you plan on making Father’s Day special?