5 Fall Trends to Spice up Your Mom Wardrobe

Just because the kids are back to school doesn’t mean they are the only ones who should benefit from a new fall wardrobe. Don’t confine yourself to the standard, outdated, mom wardrobe of sweat pants and mom jeans. Take some time to spice up your style with these easy, affordable trends that will help you elevate the average jeans and t-shirt look.  (Click photo to link to product.)

1.      Colored Denim or Chinos

Colored denim is a trend that will be seen in almost every store this fall. Colored chinos are a good option if a less fitted look is desired. To make this trend work, pick any colored denim and pair with a solid t-shirt, preferably a neutral such as white, black or gray.

This is an option from Ann Taylor Loft for colored denim:

Here is an example of a colored chino option from Land’s End:

2.      Pattern Shoe

Adding a patterned shoe can turn an average jeans and t-shirt look into a polished look to run errands. The pattern can be subtle or loud depending on comfort level.  There are numerous options for patterned shoes such as animal print, floral print, stripes, multi-color, or for the daring- plaid print. Zappos.com has many cute options, which has free shipping both ways.

3.      Classic Jackets

There are a few jacket options to enliven the mom wardrobe. First, a blazer can again invigorate the jeans and t-shirt to give a refined, casual look. To find the right blazer, the fit is important. Here is an easy test to determine if the fit is correct- button the blazer and you should be able to raise your arms comfortably.  A dark colored blazer will be the most versatile option but bright colors such as pink and red blazers can work too as long as the rest of the outfit is in neutral tones.

Here is a fun blazer option from GAP with color options.

Another jacket option for fall is the classic trench coat. This can be found in all price points, styles and colors. For the rainy, fall Dayton days, the classic trench coat is the best way to look polished and still be functional. A khaki trench coat matches everything and will always be in style.  For a bold, trendy look, go for a red trench coat.

Here is an example of the classic khaki trench coat from GAP.

Another option from Macy’s.

Lastly, a leather jacket can be a versatile option for fall. Leather is on trend this season too.

Here is an option from Old Navy.

4.      Jewel Tone Colors

Jewel tone colors are an effortless way to update the mom wardrobe for fall by incorporating them as accessories. Colors such as royal blue, ruby red, deep teal, and tangerine tango are examples of jewel tone colors. There are limitless possibilities to use these colors in accessories such as purses, jewelry, belts, scarves or shoes. Just remember to wear only one to two jewel colors at one time. To go back to the jeans and t-shirt outfit, pair a white t-shirt with a statement tango necklace such as this one for a complete look from Piperlime.

Another simple way to add a jewel tone is through a purse from Macy’s that is a practical size for a mom. This teal purse would pair well with khaki pants and almost any solid color shirt.

5.      Scarves

Scarves are everywhere this fall so they are a straightforward piece to modernize the mom wardrobe. On trend looks for scarves are animal print, jewel tones, color blocking, floral print, stripes and polka dots but there are many possibilities at all price points. This is a fun piece to throw on with jeans and a t-shirt or with one of those classic jackets to obtain a complete look. Here are examples of fall scarves:

Color block from GAP

Animal print from Old Navy

Floral print from Ann Taylor LOFT

Carla Rush is a wife and stay at home mom of two children. She attended the University of Dayton for an undergraduate degree in biology and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for a master’s in social work. Fashion and clothes have always been a passion for her and she is thrilled to share that enthusiasm for attire with Dayton Mom-Spot.