5 Reasons You Should Travel to Canada

If you based it on pictures, general descriptions and preconceived opinions, you might think that Canada is little more than just a vast mountainous range. However, it is important you don’t think that way because Canada is one of the most stunning and diverse countries in the world. Whether you are a history buff or an adrenaline junkie, you will be more than catered for if you pay a visit to Canada.

With that said, and although it is difficult to narrow down the main details for visiting the country, below are five big reasons why you need to plan a trip to Canada.

Stunning natural wonder

Even if you know little about Canada, you are no doubt aware of its fantastic nature. From fabulous mountain landscapes to enticing forests filled with picturesque treats, the country has many surprises that need discovering. There are also major natural attractions that need the spotlight in this article, and these include the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Niagara Falls, Nahanni National Park Reserve and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Abundance of outdoor activities

As the previous section alludes to, the incredible nature of Canada is the perfect backdrop for taking part in various outdoor activities. Plus when you take into account that Canada is the world’s second largest country and yet has a relatively small population, there’s plenty of this nature to play with. As for what activities are available, the possibilities are essentially limitless. Hiking, golfing, camping, fishing, skiing – there’s something for everyone throughout the year. It’s safe to say you’ll never be bored when visiting.

It’s a year-round destination

Unlike other places that essentially close down after the high-season, Canada is a place that doesn’t stop. While it is well-known for being a winter destination due to its countless ski resorts, the other seasons also have their own charm and appeal.

For example, if you pay a visit to the stunning Mont-Tremblant – book your hotel at ChateauBeauvallon.com if you need accommodation – this might be primarily advertised as a ski resort, but it also has plenty of summer-themed activities available.

Events and festivals galore

Whenever you’re scheduling to visit Canada, it is highly recommended that you give the calendar a close look. That’s because you never know when a festival or event might be taking place, and this country hosts many throughout the year. While there’s too many to list in this article, popular events/festivals in Canada include the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, The Calgary Stampede and Celebration of Light.

Urban attractions

If you’re not a massive fan of exploring nature as part of a holiday, do not worry – Canada also boasts plenty of urban attractions throughout the country. In fact, modern and multicultural cities like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto highlight this perfectly, and all have an abundance of shops, eateries and attractions to suit all tastes/budgets.

In addition, there are many other urban slices of culture to experience in different corners of Canada, from its French history to maritime lifestyle.