A Great Book About the First Day of School

Dont go to schoolBenno is really excited about his first day at school. But there’s one problem: MOMMY! 

Do you remember your child’s first day of school – they were all exited to go and you were hesitant to drop them off at the classroom door or maybe even put them on the bus. Every mother has been there and can related to this fun story. It’s a great way to introduce your children to the fact that their first day is hard on everyone but you will get through it. The characters in this book are heart-warming and loveable. I laughed as I saw myself in “momma bear.” Read this one out loud with your little one as they prepare for pre-school or their first day of kindergarten.

A laugh-out-loud twist on a familiar theme.
What can a little bear do when he’s all ready for his first day of school—but his mother isn’t? “DON”T GO TO SCHOOL!” she wails. “STAY HERE WITH ME!” Mommy sulks, she’s shy, she even throws a tantrum.

Can Benno convince her that everything’s okay? He comes up with an ingenious idea to help her adjust—one that many a mom and dad will recognize.

This humorous story will reassure and delight nervous children, while parents feeling a little sad to see their babies grow up and march off to school will empathize with Mom!