A Magical Adventure With Puzzles

A magical adventureReaders will embark on a magical adventure and must help the main characters through puzzles, mazes and a lot more to get to the end of ” A Magical Adventure.”

Two brothers set out on a magical adventure in search of happiness.  Their journey was filled with fairies, witches, wild animals….riddles, mazes, search-and-find challenges and more.


This gorgeous picture book by award-winning illustrator Marianna Oklejak is an original fairy tale told in the classic style … and much, much more. Readers must help the main characters through a number of puzzles and mazes, and make choices to get to the end of the story. Which path will you choose? How many magic rings can you find? The outcome is up to you!

Why We Love This Book

  • Interactive adventure
  • Dynamic and unusual art
  • Includes puzzles and mazes
  • Fun for children to work through alone or with an adult