More Adventures for Captain No Beard

We first introduced you to  Captain No Beard back in January.  We loved the first book that we read with this fun pirate that we just had to have more.  Thanks to one of our favorite authors, we now have our treasure chest full of  Captain No Beard with 9 more books to tell you about.  We don’t want to dish out all the treasure here, so we are going to share with you 3 No Beard books each week for the next 3 weeks, starting today.

The Treasure of Snake Island

The Treasure of Snake Island (A Captain No Beard Story)

After a fierce battle with a storm, the crew goes in search of treasure. Alexander, that is, Captain No Beard uses a map to locate it on the ominous sounding Snake Island. Bravely they dig until they find the best treasure ever!

Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles a  Captain No Beard Story

Fribbet The Frog and the Tadpoles

Fribbet’s gone missing! The crew searches for the excitable frog and finally find him troubled and crying in the stern. Fribbet is very upset, and it’s up to Captain No Beard and the crew to find out what’s wrong.

Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles is another great voyage into problem solving and friendship, as well as an adventurous trip into the imagination.

Join the Captain No Beard and his friends as they learn the value of sharing our troubles with others and that help is always there when we need it.

A Flag for the Flying Dragon

A Flag for the Flying Dragon

It’s business as usual on the Flying Dragon. Their mission is to find a flag for the ship. Captain No Beard sighs, “Being a captain is hard work,” as he watches the busy crew preparing the vessel for their next adventure.

Polly is giving out pretzels; Linus is polishing a lamp. Matie is cracking coconuts, Cayla is stuffing holes, and Hallie is swabbing the deck. High overhead, trouble is brewing, and it is not the weather.

Mongo does not want any help from the newest crew member, and it is creating a hurricane of a mess on board.

The team must come together and find a task that will fit Zachary without interfering with their own fun. On the way, they acquire a flag that will unite them as both friends and crew.

Join the problem-solving crew of the Flying Dragon as they find a flag for their ship and a job for Zach.

Reviews for Carole Roman’s Captain No Beard books:

“Young people will enjoy the characters, especially if they are familiar with the preceding four installments of the series…The tale itself teaches the value of reading books and the importance of working together…Each page of text faces an eye-catching illustration. Children who enjoy being read to and youngsters who like pirate tales are the perfect audience for this book.” – Lynn Evarts, Foreword Reviews, Clarion Review