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One thing that sets Angela Addington apart from many other writers is her sincere interest in people’s stories.  There’s a sense that she loves her work because it brings her into contact with so many fascinating people!  When Angela reviews one of my clients’ CDs, for example, more often than not she becomes curious about the artist behind the music and is inspired to “go the extra mile” by pursuing an interview.   Angela’s lucky readers learn not only about the music, but also about what went into creating that music.   In my experience, it is rare to encounter a writer with such dedication to telling the whole story.  Angela’s thoroughness and professionalism are to be admired.  What’s more, she’s a joy to work with:  good humored, organized, accurate, and, best of all, great fun.   I recommend Angela Addington without hesitation and only wish I could clone her!
– Elizabeth Waldman Frazier, Owner, Waldmania Public Relations

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  • Healthy Legs. Happy Feet.

    Healthy Legs. Happy Feet.

    CourseitPinkThumbnail_largeFor the most part, we all wear socks each and every day.  Some of us like the plain white ones, some like crazy designs and colors.  But, have you thought about what your socks can do for you?  How could a pair of compression socks help you?

    I work at a desk most of the day and found myself stiff and my feet and lower legs falling asleep a lot of the time.  Now that I wear these socks, no more stiffness and no more tingling sensation in my feet and legs.  These socks are fun and comfortable.  I recently wore a pair on a longer plane flight and was surprised at how energized I felt after sitting for 5 hours.  These are now a definite on my travel check list.

    Lily Trotters has brought the latest in compression technology to a designer sock.  They are the only athleisure compression sock designed especially for women.  They offer many styles with super-soft yarns and a durable weave that is both easy to get on and off!  Most compression socks look like compression socks, these don’t – no one will know you are wearing compression socks – that can be your little secret!

    These socks are a leg-saver for when you are on your feet for long periods of time, have a longer workout or have a long flight. Show your legs some love with these adorable socks.  I like wearing them on trips for relief on long flights and I also like driving long distances in them.  My restless legs are no longer restless when driving for hours on end or sitting in a plane for hours.

    An added bonus of Lily Trotters is that they are specifically sources and made in the USA.  These socks were launched via kickstarter in 2015.  They were fully funded in less than 7 hours, and by the time their campaign was over 4 weeks later, they had sold over 1200 pairs of socks.  Even after their campaign was over, pre-orders continued to flood in – consumers sent a very clear message – they wanted a good looking compression sock! Lily Trotters has had multiple production runs and undergone significant growth in the two years since.  In 2017, they expanded into retail stores across the US.  2018 brings a brand new catalog of stylish fashions!

    Lily Trotters is releasing two new breakout styles for 2018 – S’mitten and Course-it.  The whimsical S’mitten style comes in three fun colors.  Reminiscent of Icelandic and Nordic patterns, these come in navy, purple, and aqua. The more “racey” Course-it style will keep your calves snug and tucked in place.  Offered in a soft pink and a bolder “Boston-Blue.”

    Lily Trotters can be purchased on, Amazon, FitFlairFashion, WePower and at select retail outlets and boutiques in the US.

    SmittenPurpleThumbnail_grande“Lily Trotters are a line of stylish and functional socks that will help women live better – whether racing in a marathon or getting through a marathon day,” says Susan CostaWalston, Lily Trotters Founder and Designer. “Most women either don’t know about the myriad of benefits of wearing compression socks like more support, less pain, increased athletic performance, and enhanced muscle recovery, or they simply won’t wear them because of how they look and fit with their shoes. We’re changing all that. After much searching, my team and I found the right mill in America to deliver a revolutionary micro-nylon weave strong enough for your toughest workout, thin enough to rock your favorite shoes, and sassy enough to beautifully go anywhere life takes you.”

    For more information about Lilly Trotters, visit their website and social media:

    Twitter – @lilytrotters
    Facebook – Lily Trotters
    Instagram – Lily Trotters
    Pinterest – Lily Trotters

  • Foodie Friday:  50 Simple Soups for the Slow Cooker

    Foodie Friday: 50 Simple Soups for the Slow Cooker

    50 simple soupsFall is here and that means soup and more meals in the slow cooker.  For us, a family favorite is soups and chilis.  This book hits home with a little bit of everything to satisfy your palate.  Our favorites, pasta fagioli, minestrone and the blackbean chili with cornbread crust.  You can’t go wrong in adding this book to your at home library or giving it as a gift this holiday season.

    Lynn Alley is the queen of the slow cooker, with three hugely successful books on the subject.

    Lynn Alley, author of The Gourmet Slow Cooker, is famous for creating flavorful homemade meals using the kitchen’s most coveted countertop appliance–the slow cooker. Inside 50 Simple Soups for the Slow Cooker, Alley presents bold combinations for 50 new vegetarian and vegan soup dishes that are as hearty as they are flavorful. A few classics such as Ribollita and French Onion mingle with many unique offerings, including Swedish Rhubarb Raspberry Soup, Garnet Yam Soup with Coconut Cream, and Eggplant Soup with Cumin, Yogurt, and Dill.

    There are 15 mouthwatering photographs of steamy, slow cooked, spoon-to-mouth goodness. A concealed wire-o format ensures ease of use with lay-flat binding and effortless page turns, while the book’s 6 1/2 by 6 1/2-inch trim size makes it a handy resource in the kitchen as well as a perfect gift for on-the-go families.

    spiced apple pie soup

  • Holiday Gift Guide:  Nola the Nurse

    Holiday Gift Guide: Nola the Nurse

    Nola the Nurse®: She’s on the Go

    nola activity bookNola wants to be a nurse practitioner just like her mom. She has learned how to care for people of all ages and now visits her friends to heal their sick baby dolls. Along the way, she learns more about her culturally diverse world.

    As Nola visits families from Kenya, India, Mexico, France, and Japan, not only will children learn about different countries and cultures, but also about the important role of nurse practitioners.

    Nola the Nurse®: She’s on the Go, Volume 1, is the first in a series of beautifully illustrated bedtime stories, perfect for young children. In volume 1, Nola visits a friend from Kenya, where she not only takes care of the sick baby doll, but also learns about the culture while eating a traditional Kenyan dish.

    Your child will delight in the colorful pictures and will also learn important cultural lessons.

    Nola the Nurse®: Explore the Holi Fest, Volume 2, introduce us to Nola’s friends.  There the superhero nurse practitioner, Bac, the expert midwife, Maddi and Charo the CRNA.  Nola is thrilled when her friends of Indian heritage introduce her to the Holi Festival, or Festival of Colors.  Nola and her nurse friends have a blast throwing colored water an powder on each other and eating Indian food. This tale inspires children to understand the beauty of nursing and the joys of exploring different cultures.

    nola nurse backpackThe NOLA the nurse series has activity books, hardcover story books, backpack, t-shirt and doll.  A truly inspirational product line that is sure to delight as a gift under the tree this holiday season.

  • Holiday Gift Guide – Book:  Adventures Around the Globe

    Holiday Gift Guide – Book: Adventures Around the Globe

    adventures around the globe interiorIt’s always been a tradition in our house to give and receive books at the holidays.  An activity book of sorts always appeared for Saint Nicholas Day on December 5th and that meant that the holiday countdown had commenced.  Books under the Christmas Tree or in our Stockings are something you could always count on as well.  These books were always something special and sometimes had to do with another gift under the tree.  Maybe it was a “how to” book that went with a building kit under the tree or a book about a destination because we would be traveling to that location.  The tradition has passed from one generation to another in our family.  Today, we present a fun book for you to place under the tree.

    adventures around the globe

    Adventures Around the Globe

    This special edition in our beautiful “Adventures In” sticker book series takes young readers aged 3 and up on a non-stop tour of the continents, adding fun and humour along the way. Find out fun facts, decorate sticker scenes, add colour and patterns to some iconic sights, and solve puzzles as you travel across the world. There’s also a fold-out surprise – a 3D model of the globe to make, decorate and track your globe-trotting adventure. Perfect for keeping young entertained while on the road.

  • Stocking Stuffers:  Color For Calm Desk Calendar

    Stocking Stuffers: Color For Calm Desk Calendar

    This holiday season we are on the lookout for fun and creative stocking stuffers and gifts for the entire family.  Make sure to watch for daily posts for either our Stocking Stuffers or Holiday Gift Guide recommendation.

    color for calmOur lives become busier with each passing day, and as technology escalates, so does our access to work, obligations, and stress. Constant stimulation and expectation have left us burnt out and distanced from the present moment. Color for Calm All Year Long 2018 offers over 300 coloring templates all designed to help you get coloring and get relaxed throughout the year.

    This boxed calendar has a unique feature of five double sided colored pencils attached to the back stand. This will make it easy to color yourself calm all year long!

  • Stocking Stuffers for Young Ones:  Gemma & Gus

    Stocking Stuffers for Young Ones: Gemma & Gus

    My daughter loved books from as far back as I can remember.  She could cuddle in my lap from a very early age and listen to me read to her every day and every night for bedtime.  When she could talk, it became “more mommy” or “again, again!”  Then she started helping with the words and graduated to reading on her own.  Every Christmas her stocking always had a new and special book.  Today, we present Gemma & Gus – Big Sister, little Brother.

    Gemma and GusGemma & Gus

    Big Sister, little Brother.

    Meet Gemma and Gus, a sister and brother team from Olivier Dunrea’s world of Gossie & Friends! Gemma is the big sister. Gus is the little brother. Gus is always following Gemma around, but one day Gus sets out on his own. Now just who is following whom?
         In this sturdy board book, Olivier Dunrea explores a close, patient, sometimes competitive but always relatable sibling relationship, with the perfectly pitched storytelling and endearing illustration style that Gossie & Friends fans have come to cherish.
    Why we love this book:
    • Great addition to the Gossie & Friends series
    • Sturdy and thick – great construction to last a long time
    • Simple story but not boring
    • Great for beginning readers with the simplicity of the words
    • Fun sibling relationship that is realistic
    • Fun animals and objects to pick out on each page making the book interactive