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One thing that sets Angela Addington apart from many other writers is her sincere interest in people’s stories.  There’s a sense that she loves her work because it brings her into contact with so many fascinating people!  When Angela reviews one of my clients’ CDs, for example, more often than not she becomes curious about the artist behind the music and is inspired to “go the extra mile” by pursuing an interview.   Angela’s lucky readers learn not only about the music, but also about what went into creating that music.   In my experience, it is rare to encounter a writer with such dedication to telling the whole story.  Angela’s thoroughness and professionalism are to be admired.  What’s more, she’s a joy to work with:  good humored, organized, accurate, and, best of all, great fun.   I recommend Angela Addington without hesitation and only wish I could clone her!
– Elizabeth Waldman Frazier, Owner, Waldmania Public Relations

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    Sea Lions

    Thanks to the support of voters who passed the last levy and contributions from generous donors, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is building a brand new, state-of-the-art sea lion habitat. In preparation, seven California sea lions are settling into their custom-built interim home in Florida while they await the opening of the new habitat in 2019.

    The Zoo has already begun designing how the new sea lion habitat will fit into its existing footprint and expects to break ground this fall. Although it’s too early to have a detailed layout of the habitat, it will have the same spaciousness and naturalistic feeling as some of the Zoo’s other habitats, such as Polar Frontier and Heart of Africa.

    Although the sea lions were born at different facilities all over the world, they have lived together for about 10 years at a marine park in Shanghai, China called Changfeng Ocean World. The park was looking for the best possible new home for their sea lions and chose the Columbus Zoo. The animals’ social structure is a very important consideration for their wellbeing, and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is in the unique position of both planning a new sea lion habitat and having the capacity to keep all seven animals together to preserve their social structure.

    Sea Lions at the Columbus Zoo“Animal care is our first priority at the Columbus Zoo. That’s why we have two staff members living full-time with the sea lions while they are in their interim home in Florida,” said president and CEO Tom Stalf. “It’s also why we are designing the habitat here in Central Ohio with the animals’ needs first.”

    “We are excited about this new habitat because sea lions are very social and physical animals; we know our visitors will enjoy and learn from them,” he continued. “Once the habitat opens in 2019, Columbus Zoo animal trainers will show guests how they work with the sea lions to keep the animals healthy, and explain how guests can help protect sea lions – even here from Ohio.”

    One reason the Zoo is adding the new habitat is to further its commitment to sea lion rehabilitation efforts led by institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The Columbus Zoo has provided financial support for years for rescue and rehabilitation efforts by the Marine Mammal Center (MMC) in Sausalito, Calif., and three of the Zoo’s veterinarians have each spent a month aiding the MMC with the stranded and injured marine mammals it works to nurse back to health while expanding their knowledge of sea lions and seals.

    Although California sea lions are not listed as a species of concern, the situation for wild sea lions is increasingly dire because there are a rising number of pup strandings. As climate change forces the mothers to hunt further away from shore, more of them are not coming back, leaving pups orphaned and unable to care for themselves. The MMC takes in many of these animals and works to restore them to health.

    There are plans for the Columbus Zoo to provide a home for at least one rescued animal in the future and we are working with the National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) and the AZA Species Survival Plan® (SSP) to provide permanent homes for non-releasable rehabilitated animals from our partners such as the MMC. Adopting a rehab animal is the next logical step for the Columbus Zoo in strengthening collective efforts of AZA-accredited facilities in North America to care for wild sea lions found injured or stranded.

  • 100 Things To Do in America

    100 Things To Do in America

    100 things in americaDo you have a bucket list?  I sort of do – things that I would like to do, someday.  Recently, I was introduced to a series of books by Reedy Press with the mantra of 100 things to do before you die in various cities.  Well, the first book I decided to check out was, “100 Things to do in America before you Die.”

    If you are thinking of traveling this summer and want some amazing adventures, pick up this gem of a book.  Not only does this book offer suggestions on what to do and where to go, but it will also keep you and your travel companions busy on the drive between destinations with trivia questions on every page.  This book is perfect for friends and family looking to take the ultimate road trip this summer or anytime really.

    100 Things to Do in America Before you Die is a fun guide to understanding the complex fabric of the USA and the people that call it home.  This is not just a list of places to visit, it is a catalog of uniquely American experiences.  From sipping on Southern sweet tea to standing where the Wright Brothers tested their first “flying machine,” each experience makes up an important piece of America’s story.

    The book has a great mix of history, entertainment, art, food, sports, and even places to cross off your “selfie” bucket list.  What awaits you?  Mountains, museums, fried chicken, small towns and the world’s tallest mailbox!  Buckle up, pack the car and set off on your adventure!

    Where will you go first?

    Will you eat Thomas Jefferson ice cream at Mount Rushmore?

    Will you take a selfie at Niagara Falls?

    Will you experience cowboy life at Gros Ventre Dude Ranch?


  • Boredom Busters:  Outer Space Activity Book

    Boredom Busters: Outer Space Activity Book

    outer space activity bookHow many children grow up dreaming of becoming an astronaut and exploring outer space? Introduce them to the wonders of space exploration with an interactive activity book by Brett Ortler that’s both educational and entertaining! Through coloring pages by Phil Juliano, word finds, mazes, and more, young space lovers will discover fascinating facts about everything from astronauts and spaceships to stars and planets. Your children will never view outer space the same way again!

    This activity book jumps right into activities on page 2 – no introduction needed.  Your budding astronaut will be immersed in activities about the solar system, NASA, Exobiology, Microbiology and so much more.

    Book Features

    • Illustrations of rocket ships, planets and galaxies
    • Entertaining activities for children of all ages
    • Engaging information about astronauts, space exploration, and the solar system
    • Color-by-number, dot-to-dots, secret codes and more

    About the Author

    Brett Ortler is an editor at Adventure Publications. He is the author of such books as The Fireflies Book and The Mosquito Book. His essays, poems, and other work appear widely, including in Salon, The Good Men Project, The Nervous Breakdown, Living Ready, and in a number of other venues in print and online. He lives in Minnesota’s Twin Cities with his wife and their young children.

    Phil Juliano is a syndicated cartoonist and professional humorous illustrator. His freelance work includes children’s book illustration, magazine illustration, comic books, activity books, and t-shirt design. His cartoons are published in newspapers and magazines around the world. He lives in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

  • World Pizza – Bring on the Peace-ahh!

    World Pizza – Bring on the Peace-ahh!

    World PizzaWhen Momma spots a wishing star, she starts to ask for world peace—but a sneeze changes “peace” into “peace-AH-AH-AHchoo!” World PIZZA! Suddenly, yummy pies of every kind come drifting down from the sky. That’s not exactly what Momma hoped for . . . or is it? With humor, warmth, and heart, this delicious picture book celebrates the things that truly bring us together.

    Why we LOVE this book:

    • Story has a positive outlook
    • The illustrations show a diverse array of people enjoying pizza around the world
    • A fun play on words that will have little ones laughing
    • Pleasant story to end the day and perfect for a bedtime story

    About the Author

    Cece Meng is the award-winning author of several published picture books, including The Wonderful Thing About Hiccups, winner of the National Association of Parenting Publications Honors Award; Tough Chicks, included on the ALA Amelia Bloomer List of feminist literature; I Will Not Read This Book, and Bedtime is Canceled (all Houghton). Cece lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

    About the Illustrator

    Ellen Shi is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in Illustration. Her first picture book, Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing, by beloved author Jane Yolen, will pub in September 2016 (Persnickety Press). When not illustrating for children, teaching art to children, or crafting elaborate fabric puppets, you can find her devouring cherry and chocolate pizza, likely with her nose in a book. Ellen lives in Edison, NJ.

  • Allergy Relief from Boiron

    Allergy Relief from Boiron

    Allergies this year have affected our family well beyond the blossoms of spring – here we are in June and we are still sneezing and experiencing itchy watery eyes.  Thanks to Boiron and their Medicine Finder App, we discovered quick relief!

    The free “Boiron Medicine Finder” app (which can also be used via their website, is a big help to parents in matching up the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for their child’s individual needs. Suggested medicines are always 1-2-3 clicks away. The app also offers coupons, in-store offers and helps users find a nearby store. The app is supported by Apple devices, Android devices, and Amazon Kindles, and it can be downloaded via these app stores.

    The active ingredients in homeopathic medicines are diluted plants, animals and minerals that relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength. For example, Allium cepa, a homeopathic medicine made from the onion, relieves irritated eyes, a runny nose with a clear and burning discharge, and spasmodic sneezing improved by breathing fresh air.*

    Homeopathic medicines are a good choice as a first-line treatment for allergies. They help relieve bothersome symptoms and, in the worst cases, decrease the need for heavy medication. Your pharmacist can recommend the best solution for your particular condition.

    For convenience and economy, Boiron’s medical advisors have combined the most common homeopathic single medicines into these products to address the most common allergy symptoms.

    SaSabadil by Boironbadil® and Children’s Sabadil® Pellets: Sabadil’s blend of homeopathic active ingredients addresses a variety of allergy-related problems. It works naturally to relieve hay fever and other upper respiratory allergy symptoms including itchy nose, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy and watery eyes.* An ideal choice for children, seniors taking other medications, and busy adults who need
    to remain alert, Sabadil does not cause drowsiness or have rebound effects. Non-habit-forming, there is no risk of overdosing or interactions with other medications.

    Sabadil is available in a box of 60 melt-away tablets (30 doses) packaged in blister packs for the national average retail price of $10.15. Children’s Sabadil contains two portable and plastic shatter-proof dispensers, each with approximately 80 kid-friendly, quick-dissolving pellets (32 doses) for $12.25. The children’s pellet form is slightly sweeter tasting the tablets. Both are recommended for children 2 years of age and adults, No water, chewing or swallowing is required for either form. This complete treatment solution offers value and convenience. Both are available in natural product stores and online retailers, and Sabadil is select CVS locations.

    OpOptique by Boirontique 1®: Optique 1’s blend of homeopathic active ingredients works naturally to soothe red, dry, itchy, burning or tired eyes.* This all-in-one drop relieves minor eye irritations due to fatigue
    or airborne irritants such as ragweed, other pollens and dust. Optique 1 does not contain vasoconstrictors or astringents, so there’s no fear of a rebound effect or worsening of a condition. Recommended for everyone 2 years of age and older, it can be used as often as needed without risk of overdose.

    Packaged in sterile individual doses as opposed to a container intended for multiple uses, its hygienic application guards against contamination and eliminates the need for a preservative ingredient. The pre-measured amount comes in convenient and portable packaging. Easy to use, Optique 1 helps those on-the-go take quick action—anytime, anywhere—at the first sign of symptoms to reduce the chance of escalating irritation. Optique 1 is packaged in a 10-dose box for the national average retail price of $7.15 or a 30-dose box for $15.85. Optique is available in natural product stores and online retailers, as well as Walgreens and Rite Aid.

  • Grandparents Michigan Style

    Grandparents Michigan Style

    Grandparents Michigan StyleSummer means more time with the kids and more than likely a road trip or two.  Don’t forget to include the grandparents in your planning or better yet, let the kids head out on a trip with the grandparents.  This book is a great planning tool for parents and grandparents alike but it’s written with the grandparent in mind.

    Take an active role in your grandchildren’s lives. Show them the best of Michigan. Teach the valuable lessons you’ve learned throughout the years. Grandparents Michigan Style, written by active grandparents Mike Link and Kate Crowley, spotlights more than 70 Michigan attractions and activities for grandparents and grandchildren, ages 2 and up. It offers tips on making each stop a bonding experience and is filled with insights and advice to help you along the way. If you’re a grandparent who wants to play an instrumental part in your grandchildren’s healthy development, this book is for you!

    The book opens with a great location map so that you don’t have to read the entire thing in order to find an attraction near you or one in the part of the state you plan on visiting.  Each listing includes an overview of the attraction or destination along with a recommendation on “bonding and bridging.”  In each listing, there is also “a word to the wise” with additional information about special events hosted at this location.  The listing goes on further to include the best age for the child to be to visit the attraction, the best season to visit, contact information and additional resources on the web you may want to check out before visiting.

    This book is small enough to carry in your purse or backpack but large enough for endless possibilities for adventures between grandparents and grandchildren.

    About the Author

    Mike Link is the author of 22 books and numerous magazine articles. He and his wife, Kate, live in Willow River, Minnesota, where they enjoy helping their grandchildren discover the world of nature and play.

    Kate Crowley has been a naturalist, an educator and a writer for 30 years. She has co-authored 12 books with Mike and writes for magazines and a monthly nature newspaper column. She cares deeply about preserving the natural world.