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One thing that sets Angela Addington apart from many other writers is her sincere interest in people’s stories.  There’s a sense that she loves her work because it brings her into contact with so many fascinating people!  When Angela reviews one of my clients’ CDs, for example, more often than not she becomes curious about the artist behind the music and is inspired to “go the extra mile” by pursuing an interview.   Angela’s lucky readers learn not only about the music, but also about what went into creating that music.   In my experience, it is rare to encounter a writer with such dedication to telling the whole story.  Angela’s thoroughness and professionalism are to be admired.  What’s more, she’s a joy to work with:  good humored, organized, accurate, and, best of all, great fun.   I recommend Angela Addington without hesitation and only wish I could clone her!
– Elizabeth Waldman Frazier, Owner, Waldmania Public Relations

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  • 1-2-3 Build It! Promotes STEM play

    1-2-3 Build It! Promotes STEM play

    built itOne of the things we are passionate about here at Mom-Spot is anything STEM or STEAM related. Today, we bring you a fantastic toy from Learning Resources – 1-2-3 Build It™ Car-Plane-Boat.

    Your budding engineer will love using these mix-and-match pieces to build three different modes of transportation—an airplane, a tugboat, or a car (one at a time). Use the play screwdriver to put the large, durable pieces where they go. Great for learning early STEM skills.

    Product Features + Benefits:
    · 3 Toys in 1! Tugboat, car, and airplane
    · Teaches early engineering skills
    · Use the play screwdriver to build the different toys
    · Mix-and-match pieces create car, airplane, and tugboat (one at a time)
    Age range: 2+ years
    MSRP: $19.99

    The 1-2-3 Build It Car Plane Boat is available on Amazon.

    Why we LOVE this toy:

    • Geared toward the 2 year old that loves to take things apart and put things together
    • Sturdy packaging box can also be used for storing the toy and all its parts
    • Great toy for teaching kids their colors
    • Pieces are big and easy for little hands to handle
    • Easy enough to build without instructions
    • 3 toys in 1

    Learning Resources is a leading global manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational products trusted by teachers and parents and loved by children. For more information about the great toys produced and offered by Learning Resources visit their website at or  visit them on social media at:


  • Mysteries for Kids

    Mysteries for Kids

    I grew up reading Encyclopedia Brown and enjoyed solving mysteries with him.  There are so many more options these days (or so it seems).  Here are some great mysteries to introduce your children to solving capers.

    case of the poached eggThe Case of The Poached Egg: A Wilcox & Griswold Mystery
    By Robin Newman
    Illustrated by Deborah Zemke

    When Penny goes missing from the nest, Wilcox and Griswold are called in to track her down. Was the egg stolen by a rival for The Most Round in the Spring Egg-stravaganza? Was she used in a carrot cake or scrambled by a hungry porker? Or was she held for a hefty corn ransom? Who took Penny and can the detectives find her before trouble hatches?

    Marty Frye Private EyeMarty Frye Private Eye
    Broken into three short stories of poetry and petty crime, this charming chapter book will have young readers in search of a rhyme in no time. Book 1 in the Marty Frye series!

    Marty Frye is not your ordinary sleuth. Marty Frye is a poet detective–he makes up rhymes as he solves small crimes. When his friend Emma’s diary is missing, Marty is on the case. When Katie’s flour is nowhere to be found, Marty tracks it down. And when the brand-new Action Chuck figures mysteriously vanish from the toy store, Marty unravels the mystery. Will there ever be a case too hard for Marty to solve? Or a word too impossible to rhyme?

    jigsaw jonesThe Case from Outer Space – A Jigsaw Jones Mystery
    Jigsaw Jones is back! In this brand new, original mystery from James Preller, Jigsaw and his crew―Mila, Joey, and Danika―find a clue that implies an alien may be about to visit their school! Can it be true? And what does the Little Free Library have that aliens from outer space might want?

    (Hint: The school librarian has invited a special guest to talk about space exploration―an astronaut!)

    Friendship, mystery, and school-day shenanigans are what make the Jigsaw Jones chapter book mysteries beloved and read over and over. Includes a word jumble (names of planets in solar system), writing prompts, and information on how to start a little free library (which are taking hold in many parts of the country)!

    super sleuthJasmine Toguchi – Super Sleuth
    The second heartfelt story of friendship and sisterhood in this charming new chapter book series, starring a Japanese-American girl!

    It’s a big weekend for Jasmine Toguchi! She’s excited to celebrate Girl’s Day―a Japanese holiday honoring women and girls―with her sister, mother, and best friend, Linnie. On Friday after school, Linnie comes over to plan their outfits for the Girl’s Day celebrations. And Jasmine’s neighbor, Mrs. Reese, lets them search through her old clothes for the perfect accessories. But the clothes are in her dark garage, which is kind of scary. And Linnie decides to go home early, which is kind of weird. And Jasmine’s big sister, Sophie, doesn’t seem to want to join in the Girl’s Day fun this year, which is kind of confusing. WHAT is going on?

    As her big weekend plans start to unravel, Jasmine must use her sleuthing skills to spot the clues around her―and within herself. Then maybe, just maybe, she can put everything back in order before Girl’s Day is over!

  • Where did I lay those car keys?

    Where did I lay those car keys?

    pixieLosing things seems like a frustrating inconvenience, but the real impact is larger than you might expect. A survey released by Pixie Technology found that Americans spend more than 2.5 days a year searching for lost items and spend $2.7 billion a year replacing valuables they can’t track down. And our busy schedules aren’t helping. Nearly half of Americans admit multitasking has led them to misplace something.

    Did you know:
    The most common lost items (in order of frequency) – TV remotes, phones, car & house keys, glasses, shoes and wallets/purses
    Nearly a quarter of Americans misplace their house or cars keys twice a week
    More than half say that misplace items cause them to be late to work or school
    63% admit to blaming others when they can’t find items

    Pixie Technology is helping forgetful Americans keep tabs on valuables with Pixie Points, a new technology that actually SHOWS people where their missing items are hiding using their iPhone and augmented reality. It can even find missing items through walls, pillows or drawers.

    Biggest Losers

    Although 40% of Americans believe getting older causes them to forget where they place their valuables and household items, Millennials are generally TWICE as likely to misplace items over Boomers and a third more likely to lose items compared to Generation X. Baby Boomers come out on top as being the most responsible generation with more than 55% claiming they haven’t lost their keys or phone in more than two months compared with 23% for Millennials. Despite the battle of the sexes, men and women are equally likely to lose items.

    Costly Consequences

    Besides causing stress and frustration, losing items can have a major impact on the day with more than 60% of people admitting they have been late to work or school due to searching for items. Additionally, almost half of respondents have missed an appointment or meeting searching for missing valuables.

    Methodology: Pixie Misplacement Survey conducted in October 2016 using the world’s largest panel provider, Survey Sampling International. The survey analyzed findings of a representative sample of over 1,700 people.

    Misplacing an item can also lead to arguments with one in three sharing that they get in fights with their significant other when things go missing.

    Two thirds of us spend up to $50 a year replacing lost items, and as a nation, we spend $2.7 billion replacing items.

    Blame Game

    While 46% of respondents were able to admit that they are the most likely individuals in their household to lose something, 63% fessed up to blaming someone else for a lost item. Men are the most likely to put the blame on someone else with 35% saying they assume their spouse has lost a household good instead of themselves. This is compared to less than 30% of women admitting to the same issue.

    Multitasking is the most cited cause for misplacing items with almost half of Americans saying trying to juggle more than one task leads to them forgetting where they placed a valuable.

    Finders Keepers

    Around the house or in the car are the most common places for people to lose items, and the first place people look when searching for lost items is their purse or bag (21%), followed by the couch (18%), pockets of the previous day’s clothing (14%) and around their beds (11%).

    An upside to hunting for a missing item is that two out of three adults (69%) shared that they have found another missing item while hunting for something else. Furthermore, 29% of people have had a lost wallet or purse returned to them by a stranger and 27% have been reunited with lost phones.

    “Losing valuables like keys, remotes and wallets is not only frustrating, but it can waste valuable time, result in an expensive mistake and lead to unnecessary arguments. This is why we created Pixie, a simple solution to finding misplaced items quickly and easily,” said Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO and co-founder of Pixie Technology. “Pixie does not rely on sound alerts to find an item, but rather shows people exactly where their item is located through an advanced augmented reality app interface that can find items through walls, in drawers or behind pillows.”

    Starting at $49.99, Pixie Points can be purchased for iOS devices today, in a range of different packages at

  • Cyclone – Books for Young Readers

    Cyclone – Books for Young Readers

    cycloneNora’s whole world plummets faster than the Cyclone roller coaster when her cousin Riley falls into a coma that Nora thinks is her fault in this warm, big-hearted debut middle-grade novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Doreen Cronin.

    Riding the Cyclone, the world famous Coney Island roller coaster, was supposed to be the highlight of Nora’s summer. But right after they disembark, Nora’s cousin Riley falls to the ground…and doesn’t get up. Nora had begged and dragged Riley onto the ride, and no matter what the doctors say, that she had a heart condition, that it could have happened at any time, Nora knows it was her fault. Then, as Riley comes out of her coma, she’s not really Riley at all. The cousin who used to be loud and funny and unafraid now can’t talk, let alone go to the bathroom by herself. No, she’s only 10% Riley. Nora, guilt eating her up on the inside worse than a Coney Island hotdog, thinks she knows how to help. How to get 100% Riley back. But what Nora doesn’t realize is that the guilt will only get worse as that percentage rises.

    Why We Love This Book

    • This is a remarkable story emphasizing the bonds between family and how they can sometimes be broken
    • Addresses the hard issue of someone having a stroke, and a teen at that
    • The story represents real life
    • The writing is intriguing and will keep you turning the pages

    About the Author

    Doreen Cronin is the author of The Chicken Squad series, her debut novel Cyclone, and many other New York Times bestselling picture books, including Click, Clack, Surprise!Click, Clack, Ho, Ho, HoClick, Clack, PeepClick, Clack, Boo!Dooby Dooby MooThump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky AdventureBounceWiggleDuck for PresidentGiggle, Giggle, Quack; and the Caldecott Honor Book Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Visit her at

    • Age Range: 9 – 13 years
    • Grade Level: 4 – 8
  • Bottle Flip the Game – Can You Master the Challenge

    Bottle Flip the Game – Can You Master the Challenge

    bottle flip

    Summer is still in full swing and although we are starting to think about back to school, there is still a ton of fun to be had.  There are pool parties, birthday parties, play dates, family reunions and the like.  We are always on the lookout for a cool game for get togethers, and we’ve got an amazing one today – Bottle Flip the Game.

    bottle flip challenge
    Think you have the skills to be the bottle flip champion amongst your friends? Now’s the time to find out! Earn points and move along the board by completing individual challenges, face-to-face “Flip Offs”, group “All Out Flip Outs” or create your own challenges! It’s flippin’ awesome!

    This game is recommended for ages 13 and up, but we had a 10 year old playing with us that was wiping the snot out of all of us. There isn’t anything inappropriate about the game, so if your kids can flip a bottle with water in it they will more than likely do fine.

    Don’t worry if you are a terrible bottle flipper, that’s half the fun is laughing with and at each other as they try to do the fun and silly challenges.

    The game comes with one bottle, but you can use any plastic bottle with water in it. Mix it up and try different bottles – what about a 2 liter or a 1 liter or maybe just a 20 ounce beverage bottle. If you are really into flipping the bottles, you may dent the initial one after a single game, but plastic bottles can be found anywhere and that’s all you need to play the game.

    Adults beware, kids seem to be really good at this game and adults may struggle with it a bit. In our group the kids had fun laughing at the adults when they tried some of the more difficult challenges. All in all, we just laughed and had a good time!

  • Mad Libs The Game

    Mad Libs The Game

    Mad Libs the Game

    Looking for a very funny game to play with the entire family?  How about an adult party game that is a bit more “on the edge?”  Look no further than Mad Libs – The Game!

    Mad Libs: The Game has been out for a little more than a year, and Looney Labs wanted to celebrate it again in all its ADJECTIVE glory. It’s a great game for NOUNs of all ages to bolster knowledge of the parts of speech while competing to make the silliest sentences possible. But did you know that there’s an ADJECTIVE version that just came out from the Fully Baked Ideas imprint which is just for adults?

    It’s true. The adult version is in stores today! It’s not overly rude or anything, but it definitely has a bit more nudge, nudge – wink, wink cards than the regular version. Innuendo is the NOUN of the game! Heck, you could even combine the two (even though the colors are different) into one really ADVERBly ADJECTIVE adult party game!

    mad libs

    The game is easy to play with just a few simple rules.  Every player is dealt Word Cards, which each feature a key word used as different parts of speech. Players use the Word Cards, along with the Sentence Card in play, to make the most appropriately inappropriate sentences possible! All players vote and the silliest sentence wins the round. The first player to win three rounds wins the game!

    Personally, I think this would be a great game for any classroom.  The kids would be learning and playing at the same time while giggling and having a grand time.  We loved it when we played it recently at a graduation party.  The crowd playing kept growing and growing as kids and adults alike joined in on the fun.