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One thing that sets Angela Addington apart from many other writers is her sincere interest in people’s stories.  There’s a sense that she loves her work because it brings her into contact with so many fascinating people!  When Angela reviews one of my clients’ CDs, for example, more often than not she becomes curious about the artist behind the music and is inspired to “go the extra mile” by pursuing an interview.   Angela’s lucky readers learn not only about the music, but also about what went into creating that music.   In my experience, it is rare to encounter a writer with such dedication to telling the whole story.  Angela’s thoroughness and professionalism are to be admired.  What’s more, she’s a joy to work with:  good humored, organized, accurate, and, best of all, great fun.   I recommend Angela Addington without hesitation and only wish I could clone her!
– Elizabeth Waldman Frazier, Owner, Waldmania Public Relations

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  • 5 Ways to Create a Positive Home Environment for Your Children

    5 Ways to Create a Positive Home Environment for Your Children

    There is a growing body of evidence that authenticates the necessity of raising children in a positive home environment, but there are many parents who don’t realize exactly what this means. While we may feel like we are doing the right thing, there are times when we are operating under multigenerational family habits, which are hard to break. You remember your parents doing this, and so you do it with good intentions. After all, you turned out okay, didn’t you? Perhaps you did, and perhaps not.

    1. What Went Wrong?
    Do you ever feel as though you are not up to tasks you are given at work or find yourself feeling terrified of the prospect of failing? If so, chances are you were not raised in a positive home environment that encouraged you to become all that you can be. It may sound like a commercial for the U.S. Army, but in reality, every child deserves a right to do and be all that they can. Don’t make the same mistakes so many parents before you made. You really can learn to create a positive (and healthy!) home environment in which your kids can thrive.

    2. Take Time to Spend Time with Your Kids
    While you are trying your best to put food on the table, keep the house clean and organized and do all the things a parent should do, sometimes, you let those duties overtake what is really important to your children. A healthy, positive home environment should always be one in which you take time out to spend with the kids. Do something that is fun. Teach them a craft. Tell a joke now and then and when life is getting you down and you can’t think of anything to say, check out some funny picture quotes about life to share with your older kids.

    3. Model Good Behavior
    Some adults simply re-enact the behaviors of their parents and their parents before them. If you find yourself falling into some of the same traps as you noticed your parents being snared by, step back and look at what good behavior is in a parent. Instead of condemning your child for failing a math or science test, ask them what went wrong. It could be something you can help with, but also teach them how to fail graciously. Kids need to learn at a very young age that you win some and you lose some, so don’t expect perfection. This can quickly backfire on everyone involved!

    4. Learning from Failure
    Although you are doing your best to model good behavior, sometimes, failing can lead to a tremendous learning experience. Teach your kids that failing is an opportunity to grow. You can’t beat yourself over the head for making mistakes and it is okay to cry over spilled milk. However, it’s also important to pick yourself up and evaluate what went wrong. Some kids grow into adults with huge issues if they continue, even in adulthood, to seek perfection for fear of what their parents will think of them.

    5. In the End – Give Them Unconditional Love
    No, you can’t enable your children to do and say what they want in the name of unconditional love, but you can teach them that you will always be there for them. Find that balance between unconditional love and enabling. Let your kids learn from mistakes (and they will make more than a few!) but give them strength and encouragement to seek their own solutions. If they are not made to feel lacking in some way and that mom and dad will love them no matter what, chances are you will raise emotionally healthy adults.

    A positive parent can be disappointed in their children without making them feel like failures. In the end, seek ways to foster a positive approach to life. You are, after all, their role model, so please be a living testimony they need to flourish.

  • Four Tips for Maintaining Your Physical Appearance after Having a Baby

    Four Tips for Maintaining Your Physical Appearance after Having a Baby


    Maintaining your physical appearance after having a baby can be challenging. After all, you’ve housed a growing child in your body for almost a year. Your body experienced a wide range of changes. It’s almost as if a zombie came in and took over your body. It can be both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. When you have a child, it’s easy for the child to consume your life. However, it’s so important to remember yourself in the process. Consider these four tips to help you ease into a new flow of physical beauty within motherhood.

    <strong>1. Makeup</strong>
    Makeup is a great option to accessorize your look. If you wear necklaces, the baby might try to chew on them and break them. To create a look that’s both polished and pretty, find a great under-eye concealer. The concealer will cover up those dark under-eye circles. Add a lovely shade of lipstick in a bright color. A quick coat of dramatic mascara will help and you’ll be good to go. That process doesn’t take more than five minutes and will do wonders for helping you look alert and fresh.

    <strong>2. Jeans & Leggings</strong>
    Jeans are classic pants and they’re easy to accessorize. Choose stretchy jeans so that you can feel comfortable to move and keep up with your baby. If you’re going to the opening game for the Giants, it’s good to have a comfortable pair of jeans you can always rely on. Wear it with your favorite jersey and baseball hat for a full look. You can even make sure the baby matches with a fun <a href=””>SF Giants hats</a> and jerseys in their size. Leggings are life-savers for many moms. Find leggings in different materials to add some flair. Leather leggings are jazzy and easy to add to a fun blouse and a pair of boots in the wintertime.

    <strong>3. Flats</strong>
    Don’t just opt for the orthopedic shoes. Look online for cute flats that have tons of support. This way, you’ll support your body well and you’ll be cute at the same time. If you have a love for boots and sneakers, consider purchasing insoles that you can add. This will increase your level of comfortability. You’ll be able to walk around with the baby and feel comfortable at the same time. It’s so essential to honor the need for comfort. Treat your body kind in this way. If the shoes seem like a larger investment, don’t hesitate to make it. Your body will thank you in the long run.

    <strong>4. Dresses</strong>
    Dresses are easy to slip on and off. Get a few dresses in classic colors like black, forest green and navy blue. Then, add a few dresses that have loads of patterns, cuts and trendy flair.

  • Paint by Sticker Kids:  Beautiful Bugs

    Paint by Sticker Kids: Beautiful Bugs

    paint by sticker kidsWorkman Publishing is releasing Paint by Sticker Kids:  Beautiful Bugs today.  With a combined 1.2 million copies in print, the Paint by Sticker series is the latest rage in activity books!  The magic of Paint by Sticker Kids continues, combining the fun of coloring and stickers with the creativity of paint by number.

    This beautiful new book features a dazzling array of crawly critters.  From vibrant butterflies and marching ants to a nectar-seeking bee and graceful dragonfly, this book is filled with stunning insects that are sure to enchant and charm children!

    As with paint by number, creation is simple.  Find the sticker, peel it, and place it in the right numbered space.  Piece by piece, children will watch the vivid figures of these tiny creatures come to life.  Young bug lovers everywhere will delight in the artistic creation of these gorgeous insects, and the perforated pages will make it easy for each mosaic to be torn out and displayed on the refrigerators and office desks of proud parents everywhere!

    Also available in this series:  Masterpieces, Zoo Animals, Birds, Travel, Under the Sea and Music Icons.  $9.95

    paint by sticker bugs

    • Age Range: 5 – 12 years
    • Grade Level: Kindergarten – 6

    Why we LOVE this book:

    • Includes everything kids need to create 10 full-color illustrations
    • The card-stock pages are perforated so artwork can be easily removed for framing or the fridge
    • It’s a refreshing shake-up from the usual crayons and markers
    • A great rainy day or travel activity
    • The peel-and-place system allows kids to practice recognizing and learning numbers in an interactive, stress-free way

    About Workman Publishing

    Workman Publishing Company has been producing award-winning calendars, cookbooks, parenting guides, and children’s titles, as well as gardening, humor, self-help, and business books, since 1968. From our What to Expect® pregnancy and parenting series and Page-A-Day® Calendars to the iconic 1,000 Places to See Before You Die® and Brain Quest® children’s products, our wide range of high-quality non-fiction titles and products inspire, educate, and entertain readers around the globe.

  • Turn This Book Into A Beehive!

    Turn This Book Into A Beehive!

    book into beehiveDid you know there are 25,000 different species of bees buzzing around the earth today or that there are about 150 different types of mason bees in North America!  Did you know that bees’ wings move like helicopter blades?  They fly an average of 15 miles per hour and their wings flap at 200 beats per second.

    Want to know more?  Check out Turn this Book into a Beehive! and 19 Other Experiments and Activities that Explore the Amazing World of Bees.

    What a promise! Actually, promises. First, here’s a book that teaches kids all about the fascinating world of bees. Second, fun exercises, activities, and illustrations engage the imagination and offer a deeper understanding of bee life and bee behavior. Third, by following a few simple steps including removing the book’s cover and taping it together, readers can transform the book into an actual living home for backyard bees. Fourth, added all together, Turn This Book Into a Beehive! lets kids make a difference in the world—building a home where bees can thrive is one small but critical step in reversing the alarming trend of dwindling bee populations.
    Written by Lynn Brunelle, author of Pop Bottle Science, whose gift for making science fun earned her four Emmy Awards as a writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy, Turn This Book Into a Beehive! introduces kids to the amazing mason bee, a non-aggressive, non-stinging super-pollinator that does the work of over 100 honeybees. Mason bees usually live in hollow reeds or holes in wood, but here’s how to make a home just for them: Tear out the perforated paper—each illustrated as a different room in a house—roll the sheets into tubes, enclose the tubes using the book’s cover, and hang the structure outside. The bees will arrive, pack mud into the tubes, and begin pollinating all the plants in your backyard.

    book into beehive activity
    Twenty experiments and activities reveal even more about bees—how to smell like a bee, understand the role of flowers and pollen, learn how bees communicate with each other through “dance,” and more. It’s the real buzz on bees, delivered in the most ingenious and interactive way.

    book into behive chap 3

    Why we LOVE this book:

    • Full of amazing and fun facts about bees
    • You can use the jacket cover and the tear out pages to make your own beehive
    • Includes 19 additional experiments you can work on with your children
    • Artwork is fun and enhances the content of the book

    Additional Information

    • Age Range: 8 – 12 years
    • Grade Level: 3 – 7
    • Paperback: 192 pages
    • Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (April 3, 2018)
  • I Say Ooh You Say Ahh

    I Say Ooh You Say Ahh

    ooh ahhA sure fire winner for story time – look no further than “I Say Ooh, You Say Ahh.”  Young readers help to tell the story by responding to simple verbal or visual cues – the perfect read aloud, and fun for the whole family.


    “There’s something very important that I need you to remember. When I say Ooh, you say Ahh. Let’s try it.” Ooh the donkey has lost his pants. Readers must help him find them! In this picture book, young readers help to tell the story by responding to simple verbal or visual cues. This hilarious book is perfect for reading aloud and is fun for the whole family.
    About the Author

    John Kane (Author, Illustrator) When John Kane was younger, he liked to make up stories for his little sister. Jimmy and Bear, who appeared in them, are still remembered to this day. John lives in Dublin, but has also lived in Australia, where he set up Australia’s number one independent advertising agency. His first book is I Say Ooh. You say Aah and his plan is that it won’t be the last.

    Why We LOVE This Book

    • Laugh out loud humor
    • Fun for the whole family
    • Great book to read aloud to one child or a group of children
    • Engaging and Interactive
    • Instills a love of reading
    • Adorable illustrations with a fun-loving donkey


    There won’t be a dull moment when you open the pages of this madcap, interactive adventure! John Kane, who says he liked to make up stories for his little sister when he was younger, will have youngsters oohing and aahing with this highly original and fun-packed, call-and-response debut picture book which encourages young readers help to tell the story by responding to simple verbal or visual cues. ‘There’s something very important that I need you to remember. When I say Ooh, you say Aah as loudly as you can.’ Ooh the donkey has lost his underpants and readers must help him find them. But it’s going to take a lot of oohs, aahs, whispers, searching and silliness to find them! Each page of this entertaining and energetic book is a kaleidoscope of colour and words, and the perfect book to read aloud and share with your little ones. Laughter all the way… — Pam Norfolk * Lancashire Evening Post

  • A Magical Adventure With Puzzles

    A Magical Adventure With Puzzles

    A magical adventureReaders will embark on a magical adventure and must help the main characters through puzzles, mazes and a lot more to get to the end of ” A Magical Adventure.”

    Two brothers set out on a magical adventure in search of happiness.  Their journey was filled with fairies, witches, wild animals….riddles, mazes, search-and-find challenges and more.


    This gorgeous picture book by award-winning illustrator Marianna Oklejak is an original fairy tale told in the classic style … and much, much more. Readers must help the main characters through a number of puzzles and mazes, and make choices to get to the end of the story. Which path will you choose? How many magic rings can you find? The outcome is up to you!

    Why We Love This Book

    • Interactive adventure
    • Dynamic and unusual art
    • Includes puzzles and mazes
    • Fun for children to work through alone or with an adult