An Out-Of-This-World Adventure

To the MoonTo the Moon – A Sydney & Simon Adventure


The chance to meet astronaut Kris Kornfield is a dream come true for twins Sydney and Simon. But first they have to come up with the most creative project about the Earth’s moon. While Sydney’s work is all about the art, and Simon’s is all about the data, neither seems creative enough to win the prize. But when they put their heads to-gether, they incorporate S.T.E.A.M. thinking and come up with a winning idea. The third installment in the Sydney & Simon series, this kid-friendly story makes science concepts accessible and exciting.

About the Book

Twins Sydney and Simon are back in action when a contest is announced at school – and the prize is to meet astronaut Kris Kornfield.  First, they need to come up with the most creative project about the Earth’s moon.

Syndey’s ideas are all about art, and Simon’s are all about the data, but neither seems creative enough to win. They put their heads together and incorporate STEAM thinking – and channel artist and inventor Galileo – to create a 3-D moon puzzle that represents the eight moon phases.

Short chapters paired with Peter H. Reynold’s bright illustrations show how this interdisciplinary studies model helps Sydney and Simon learn that sometimes collaboration is key.  Young readers will be inspired to use STEAM thinking and start experiencing the world, and even outer space, in an entirely new way.

There’s a glossary that will introduce readers to common STEAM and astronomy concepts, and a letter from Paul and Peter tells kids how to start incorporating STEAM thinking into their own lives.