Back to School with Groupon Savings

bed bath

Have you heard of Groupon? They are a website that offers 70,000 deals on over 9,000 retailers! Anytime I have shopping to do, I use Groupon to save money. I don’t know about you but, if there is a chance for me to save some cash I am taking it. I have searched the internet for the best deals and when it comes to saving money, Groupon is where it is at!

I’ve got a college student that is heading off to college and our shopping list is huge.  I certainly don’t want to have to put all of these expenses on my credit card, so I am looking for ways to save money.  Groupon is a lifesaver with back to school savings at Bed Bath and Beyond.

They currently have 91 coupons available and some are for savings up to 50% off!  Not only are these coupons and savings good in the store, but they are good online as well.  This really opens up the doors to getting great savings on back to college needs like towels, laundry baskets, bed linens, storage containers and so much more.


I found some amazing coupons on Groupon that I thought I would share with you so that you too can get a head start on school shopping and save some money!


Another one of my favorite places to shop for back to school is Amazon.  I am able to save hundreds of dollars just by using Groupon for my back to school shopping. When doing my school shopping I find a lot of the school supplies on Amazon and right now Groupon has over 156 deals on amazon items. One of the Groupon Amazon deals is FREE shipping with Amazon without having to have Amazon Prime.

Did you already know about Groupon Coupons? What great coupons have you found?