Basher Science Books and Toys


Can you believe it? It’s been 10 years since Basher Science brought the Periodic Table to life through its amusing and informative characters!  Basher Universe has expanded from a popular book series to include a new line of science-themed character figurines, card games, and playsets!

Through the wit and wisdom of Basher, we learned who the world’s most famous biologist is, what makes boron different from barium, where diamonds and gold are found, when the first bacteria appeared, why slime mold is important, and how 3-D printers work.

Over the past 10 years, this groundbreaking series, with over 3 million books sold, has changed the way kids study and learn. Recommended for kids ages 10-14, but enjoyed by younger learners and older students alike, this one-of-a kind visual science series is perfect for classrooms, home bookshelves, and STEAM enrichment. With quirky, unforgettable illustrations and smart, cool characters, these books bring big ideas down to earth—and make learning completely fun!

The Basher toy line, brought to you by Mattel, is exclusively available at Target online and in stores nationwide!

Basher Science Biology Card GameWe checked out the Biology Card Game which is really 2 games in 1.  You can do the battle game or the matching game.  In the battle game, you battle for power in a game of strategy and reason.  In the match game, you apply your science knowledge and memory skills in a game of match. The game includes 24 colorful cards that teach kids about various topics such as liquid, pollen, and sandstone, from different branches of science, plus a mini-figure and 2 tokens for game play. You can grow your powers with additional cards found in the mini-figure collection.  We personally like the adorable Pollen figure and cards.  There are 10 figures in the biology collection.

For the other card games, you can get figures like Gas, Solid and liquid for Chemistry or Granite for Rocks and Minerals.

Basher also has a great line of science books like Rocks and Minerals – A Gem of a Book! Simon Basher is back with another zany primer to science! Following his 3 successful titles on the basics of chemistry, physics, and biology, BASHER SCIENCE: ROCKS AND MINERALS is an in-depth look at the ground beneath our feet. Like his other titles, Basher presents these topics through charming and adorable illustrations and pairs them with basic information told from a first person perspective. He develops a community of characters based on the things that form the foundations of our planet: rocks, gems, crystals, fossils and more. And what’s more, he makes it understandable, interesting, and cute. It’s not what you expect out of a science primer.

Basher Science - Rocks and MineralsThese books are great as they present the terminology/jargon of the subject matter in a way that seems to interest small children!  The illustrations are great, Pyrite “Fool’s Gold” wears a little jester hat, so it’s become a game to figure out what the names might be of each character before we look. It’s really cute that the information about each rock is presented from the rocks’ point of view.

Basher—Science With Attitude!