Beat Bugs is now on Netflix

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We watch netflix almost exclusively in our house. It fits into our hectic schedule and they have amazing programming for the entire family.  There are shows for the toddlers to the adults and tons to watch with the family.  One of the new shows we couldn’t wait to check out was Beat Bugs!

The Legacy

Created by Josh Wakely, Beat Bugs is an Emmy award winning animated kids series featuring music inspired by The Beatles. Currently a hit on Netflix, the story revolves around the lives of five best friends, charming and funny childlike bugs who explore and learn in their suburban backyard home. Each episode ties in a song made famous by The Beatles in an innocent and child-friendly fashion, sung by one of the characters or guest stars that include mega musicians like P!nk, Sia, Jennifer Hudson, Rod Stewart and more. Beat Bugs introduces a new generation to the music of the most influential band in rock history, The Beatles!

The Entertainment
Beat Bugs is a HEART-filled series about the possibilities, dangers, and rewards of one’s imagination, brought to life in beautiful 3D CGI Animation. Geared toward preschoolers, each 11 minute Beat Bugs episode is loosely-based on the lyrics of a Beatles song. So far, families can enjoy Seasons 1 and 2 (52 episodes) exclusively on Netflix. More so than any other show of its kind, the Beat Bugs has the ability to truly bring generations together through music. So travel along, (be mindful to tip-toe around the backyard), and sing-a-song with Buzz, Walter, Crick, Jay and Kumi, and watch the kids delight in real music mastery.

Season One has 13 episodes to provide tons of fun viewing pleasure.  Gloomy weather, sleep problems, mysterious visitors and more plague the Beat Bugs in their first season of outdoor adventures. Season Two bring an additional 13 episodes.  The Beat Bugs are back for all-new outdoor adventures as they deal with a pesky cat, a radio-controlled truck run amok and more.

Amazing Partnership

Partnership with My Gym
Beat Bugs and My Gym have struck a chord to activate a musically-inspired promotion at 178 My Gym locations in United States, United Kingdom and Australia this summer. In the months of June and July, children who attend classes at My Gym will enjoy Beat Bugs music, games and other fun activities, including coloring sheets and puppet shows.
For More Information

For more information about the show and to meet the characters, visit Beat Bugs online.  You can watch episodes on the site and have fun with the activity book.  Make sure you check out the video on how to build a terrarium.  Such a fun activity you and the kids can do together.

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