Begin Each Day With A Smile

Begin Each Day with a KindNote

kind_notes_jarI recently wanted to say thank you to a very special friend that had helped my family during my moms cancer. What do you get that person that was there through the hardest time in your life. How do you express the gratitude that words cannot even begin to touch? You look to KindNotes!

Ever needed a unique and fun gift that would stand out among the masses of everyday gift items?  Wanting to send a surprise gift to your loved one like never before?  Surprise someone with a touch of mystery, a handful of fun and a load of thoughtfulness with KindNotes!  Each KindNotes starts with a signature glass jar adorned with a silky smooth satin ribbon and charm.  Decorative envelopes are then artistically arranged inside, each carrying a special message of love, inspiration, friendship and more.  Your gift will give a surprise for days on end, 31 to be exact.

Each fully assembled set includes:

  • Keepsake glass jar with lid, filling, ribbon and silver embellishment
  • 31 notes enclosed in linen cardstock envelopes (you choose the message category)
  • Beautiful silver-foiled gift box with a die-cut window design that’s perfect for gifting

KindNotes are keepsakes that are designed to be a gift that keeps on giving, and are meant to last a lifetime. They’re especially perfect for someone who has everything.

How did KindNotes Start?

The first KindNotes was made more than a decade ago. Its creator loved getting handwritten letters in the mail and thought about how amazing it would be to get one every day. She loved the idea so much and wanted to do this for her then-boyfriend. However, she worried that he might find the gesture a bit too much and drive him away! Not ready to give up on her idea of sending handwritten letters, she wrote 31 notes on small pieces of paper instead. And to recreate the thrill of opening old-fashioned mail, she stuffed each one into equally tiny envelopes and put them all together in an embellished jar and gave it to her boyfriend. He adored the handmade present and began his days by opening a note, a daily ritual that never failed to make him smile. They are now happily married.