Benji &The 24 Pound Banana Squash

benji and 24 pound banana squashHave you ever wanted to achieve something so much that you were willing to dedicate yourself to a project for months on end? That’s what Benji does in BENJI AND THE 24 POUND BANANA SQUASH  by bestselling author Alan C. Fox.

A story for anyone who has ever had a dream of doing something really, really big. In this delightful tale, Benji wants to grow the biggest banana squash ever. In spring, when the soil is soft, he plants the seeds he has saved from the previous summer. He waters and waits, anxiously watching over the plant as the tiny squash begins to grow. Each day he lovingly measures its progress. On harvest day, the squash has grown so gigantic from all his love and attention that Benji can barely carry it. When the squash is cooked up with butter and brown sugar, everyone in the family enjoys a mouth-watering, homegrown treat. This charming garden-to-table story not only teaches children where food comes from, but also that patience and nurturing pay off with delicious rewards. With beautiful, often humorous, illustrations, everyone will want to read this charming book over and over again.

BENJI AND THE 24 POUND BANANA SQUASH is based on a real-life event that happened when Alan Fox was eight.  “I wanted to share the joy I experienced when I grew, what I thought was the world’s biggest banana squash,” he explains. “I hope this book will inspire children and show them the value of patience and perseverance as well as the pleasures of growing their own fruits and vegetables to share with family and friends.”