Big Foots Sightings Increase

big foot visits big citiesRecently, there has been a rise in BigFoot sightings, Google Trends reports an uptick in the search term “Bigfoot Festivals,” and BigFoot conferences draw in thousands upon thousands of attendees annually.

So, what gives with recent BigFoot interest? Children’s book author D.L. Miller says, “BigFoot has transitioned from a scary paranormal beast to a beloved cultural icon. He is both celebrated at local festivals around the country and also by professional cryptozoologists.”

Miller’s four-book seek-and-find series starring BigFoot shows the famed Yeti as an adorable world-traveling hero. The debut titles for this series are BigFoot Goes on Vacation and BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World, which will hit shelves in February 2018. The books will surely be a hit at the BigFoot festivals in 2018!

With the new BigFoot see-and-find series, children and trackers of all ages can finally say they found BigFoot.  Not only will trackers have tons of fun looking for BigFoot in teh colorful and crowded landscapes, they’ll also have the chance to learn about the many places he visits.  In BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World, young readers will learn about ten major cosmopolitan destinations, from the Big Apple and London to Paris, Athens, Tokyo, Toronto and more.  And in, BigFoot Goes on Vacation readers will have the opportunity to learn about deep sea diving, sea life, balloon festivals, Yellowstone National Park, and more!

About the Author:
As with Bigfoot, D.L. Miller is a bit on the reclusive side, rarely seen in public, spending most of his days sketching from his studio located amongst the mighty oak trees only found in the deep dark woodlands far off the beaten path. After spending decades learning the habits of the elusive bipedal humanoid, he has finally agreed to share his illustrative journals that capture the sightings of this larger-than-life creature that has mystified generations.