Books About Birthdays

Everybody has one, a birthday that is.  Start your kids off at a young age with books about birthdays.  For the infants and toddlers, there is Birthday Counting and for the older kids, there is

birthday countingBirthday Counting

Can you count backward from 6 to 1 at a birthday party?

The perfect choice for baby’s birthday party! This festive board book introduces counting in reverse from six to one, with all the typical trappings of a birthday fete, including cakes, balloons, and presents.

bear's birthdayThis Bear’s Birthday

It’s Bear’s birthday, and he’s determined to prepare for his party all by himself. Who can get dressed, pick apples, and make peanut butter and honey sandwiches without (much) help from Mama and Papa? This bear can!

Then Bear finds out there are some things that can’t be done. But with friends and family by his side, a bear can still save the day!

birthday wishWhat’s Your Birthday Wish

This book is a sequel to our last book Last Night I Had a Laughmare Some old and some new friends have come together to make BIG wishes. We return to the magical world of Gigglyville, where our fun cast of characters are celebrating birthdays! This is the second book in the series from author Judy Egett Laufer. Fantasy and fun mix, as we watch these friends make small wishes, big wishes and meaningful wishes!

when birthdayWhen’s My Birthday?
In this enthusiastic celebration of all things BIRTHDAY, acclaimed author Julie Fogliano and award-winning illustrator Christian Robinson bring you the perfect birthday book! Join our excited narrator as she lists all the things that will make her birthday the BEST birthday.

when’s my birthday?
where’s my birthday?
how many days until my birthday?

i’d like a pony for my birthday
and a necklace for my birthday.
i’d like a chicken for my birthday.
i’d like a ball to bounce and bounce.

i’d like a big cake on my birthday
with lots of chocolate on my birthday
and lots of candles on my birthday
1,2,3,4,5, and 6!