Books with Dinsosaurs as the Main Character

We love dinosaurs.  They are just non-stop fun and the stories that feature the stories that feature them delight us to the core.  Here are a few new ones hitting shelves this July and August thanks to MacMillan Publishers.

dogosaurus rexDogosaurus Rex
Ben can’t wait to adopt the best dog in the world. On a trip to the shelter, he sees dogs of all kinds, but none of them are quite right.
Then he finds Sadie. Sadie is big–really big. She says roar instead of woof and she doesn’t fit inside the house, but Ben knows she’s the best dog in the world. Now if only she could stop causing so much trouble!
This hilarious tale of a very special dog (with a prehistoric twist) will have you roaring just like Sadie.

Why We LOVE This Book:

  • Sadie is adorable and so loveable even though she is constantly stirring up mischief, but not on purpose.  She is after all just a dog who is learning to sit, roll over and fetch.

bookasaurusDoris The Bookasaurus

Hooray for books! They make me ROAR!

Doris the Bookasaurus thinks books are mega-dino-tastic! They make her spiky tail wiggle and her imagination soar.

Her boisterous little brothers, Max and T.J., do not agree. They want her to stop reading and play Chomp the Flag and STEGO Blocks . . . until Doris shares her pirate book aloud. Soon they’re using their imagination for on an epic adventure to Sharktooth bay.

With charming rhyming text about an adorable dinosaur family, Doris and her siblings show rambunctious readers everywhere that reading and playing go perfectly together!

Why We LOVE This Book:

  • Written in playful rhyme
  • Doris and her brothers are adorable characters
  • Shows the diversity found in books
  • Shows how reading can be educational and fun

if i had a dinosaurIf I had a Dinosaur
A little girl dreams of having her very own pet. But what kind of animal would make the best companion? A mouse is too small, a cat is too ordinary, and a fish is too . . . wet! As she plays with her toy dinosaur, inspiration strikes. What about a real, live dinosaur? She could ride it to school. It would need lots of food to eat, a swimming pool to drink from, and a dino flap so it could come and go!

At the end of a day spent busily imagining, the girl trudges up to bed with her little plastic dinosaur. As she falls asleep, the dinosaur from her daydreams stands in the garden with its head poking through the bedroom window, making her dreams come true.

Why We LOVE This Book:

  • Full of playful illustrations
  • A charminy and witty story
  • Wonderful rhyming storyCelebrates imagination>/li>

dad and the dinosaurDad and the Dinosaur

Nicholas was afraid of the dark outside his door, the bushes where the giant bugs live, and the underside of manhole covers.

His dad was not afraid of anything.

Nicholas wants to be as brave as his dad, but he needs help. That’s why he needs a dinosaur. After all, dinosaurs like the dark, bugs are nothing to them, and they eat manhole covers for lunch (and everything under them for dinner).

With his toy dinosaur, Nicholas can scale tall walls, swim in deep water, even score a goal against the huge goalie everyone calls Gorilla. But when the dinosaur goes missing, everything is scary again.

Luckily, his dad knows that even the bravest people can get scared, and it’s okay to ask for help facing your fears. It’s just guy stuff.

A family classic in the making from the dream team of Newbery Honor-winner Gennifer Choldenko and Caldecott Medal-winner Dan Santat.