Boredom Busters: Spin-a-roo

Spina-7935-LoResSpillSummer is here and that means more time with the kids and more playdates with friends. We hope is also means more family playtime and game time. Today we are featuring a wonderful game of sorting and counting for the younger crowd. Spin-a-roo is recommended for Pre-K to 2nd grade children. The game can be played with as few as 2 players and as many as 6.

Spin-a-roo is a fast-paced counting and sorting game that offers young learners two ways to play. Players take turns cranking teh spinner to dispense tokens. Players rush to collect the most tokens as you sort numbers and colors, or count up and down from one to ten. Spin-a-roo reinforces critical STEM skills in young learners, and is exciting enough for the whole family to play together.  With a device that makes colorful tokens appear like magic, Spin-a-roo keeps young learners excited about practicing their sorting and counting skills!

With so much talk each summer about “summer slide” we looked for games and toys that would promote summer learning in a fun way.  This games promotes math skills in a way that kids don’t even realize they are honing their skills.  Our review group had a lot of fun and the older kids in the group likened the game to uno with the play on colors and numbers.  The younger kids in the group loved the action of the spinning and dispensing of the tokens.  With the game cards being two sided, this kept our group busy for about 40 minutes with lots of giggling coming from the group.  Once an adult explained the game, the kids were off on their own and playing the game easily by themselves.

Spin-a-roo is a game by ThinkFun.  ThinkFun’s award-winning games are proven to help stimulate brain development.  Children love playing ThinkFun’s award-winning and fun games, brainteasers and logic puzzles. Parents love that the games are proven to help stimulate crucial brain development in logic, visual/spatial, math, language, focus and reasoning skills, preparing children for a world that revolves around STEM skills.