Boredom Busters: Word Games

How many times have you heard, “I’m bored” already this summer?  We’re featuring word games that will keep the kids occupied and their brains buzzing.  No need to worry about “summer slide” with these fun activities for the kids!

Crazy Letters Game by Mindware

Crazy Letters

Mindware games brings us Crazy Letters, a topsy-turvy word game.  This game is the fast-paced word game that will leave you wondering which way is up!  The game is basic, but don’t think it’s going to be easy.  Roll the die for a category and draw a card.  Categories cover everything from: “Games and Hobbies” to “Plants and Animals” to “Here and There.” Be the first to shout out the correct answer and you win the card.  Collect 20 cards and you win the game.  Seems simple right?  Can you decode the word? Be careful, some letters are in unique fonts and may be rotated, a letter may not always be as it first appears. A “d” may actually be a “p”. An “h” might really be a “y”. And what appears to be a lower case “I” might really be a capital “I”.

Crazy Letter Game by Mindware

While the age on the box is listed at “10+”, we played with an 8-year-old who “wiped the floor with the rest of the players.” He was quick and guessed most cards quickly.  This game is highly addicting and we kept upping the number of cards you had to collect in order to win just so we could keep playing.  Take this to a party and you will end up with quite the crowd with everyone jumping in to guess the word on the card.

Since we had so much fun playing this game, we purchased one for a recent college grad as a unique and different gift.  He opened it at his graduation party and everyone ended up playing.  This was a ton of fun for partygoers and especially the graduate since he majored in English.

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