Bottle Flip the Game – Can You Master the Challenge

bottle flip

Summer is still in full swing and although we are starting to think about back to school, there is still a ton of fun to be had.  There are pool parties, birthday parties, play dates, family reunions and the like.  We are always on the lookout for a cool game for get togethers, and we’ve got an amazing one today – Bottle Flip the Game.

bottle flip challenge
Think you have the skills to be the bottle flip champion amongst your friends? Now’s the time to find out! Earn points and move along the board by completing individual challenges, face-to-face “Flip Offs”, group “All Out Flip Outs” or create your own challenges! It’s flippin’ awesome!

This game is recommended for ages 13 and up, but we had a 10 year old playing with us that was wiping the snot out of all of us. There isn’t anything inappropriate about the game, so if your kids can flip a bottle with water in it they will more than likely do fine.

Don’t worry if you are a terrible bottle flipper, that’s half the fun is laughing with and at each other as they try to do the fun and silly challenges.

The game comes with one bottle, but you can use any plastic bottle with water in it. Mix it up and try different bottles – what about a 2 liter or a 1 liter or maybe just a 20 ounce beverage bottle. If you are really into flipping the bottles, you may dent the initial one after a single game, but plastic bottles can be found anywhere and that’s all you need to play the game.

Adults beware, kids seem to be really good at this game and adults may struggle with it a bit. In our group the kids had fun laughing at the adults when they tried some of the more difficult challenges. All in all, we just laughed and had a good time!