Brain Bend – Extreme Architecture Mazes

We love books here at Mom-Spot and that is driven by the love of books in our home.  Books abound in our house, from novels to activity books to travel books and beyond.  With school back in session, it’s time for me to start focusing on Christmas.  I personally like to have my shopping all sewn up by Halloween so that I can focus on the season and enjoy family and friends along with decorating and baking.  I’ve got a future engineer that will get items for college this year along with items that feed the equestrian in her. I also look for fun gadgets for the stocking and books that will challenge her. Thanks to Hachette books, I’ve got just the gift for her this holiday season.

Brain Bend

Brain Bend is a unique book featuring 25 wild, vibrant, architecturally themed mazes, along with black-and-white versions of the same artwork for coloring in. Artist and illustrator Mister Mourao’s stunning, mind-bending designs, which range in style from joyfully freeform to impressively structured, offer a stimulating visual challenge to maze and coloring enthusiasts. Includes maze solutions at the back of the book.

Perforated pages make it easy to remove the designs, and high-quality, heavy, uncoated paper make them a pleasure to solve and color.

About the Author

Mister Mourao, also known as Vasco Mourao, is an architect-turned-illustrator who has a tendency for obsessive drawing. He creates commissioned works for a variety of editorial and commercial clients, including Apple, Expo2020 Dubai, The New Yorker magazine, The Washington Post, and Wired. In July 2016 Mourao will be creating a large-scale mural as part of the Imaginary Structures drawing competition sponsored by the International Conference on Structures and Architecture (ICSA).