Bucket List Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland

Summer in our house means more time to explore our state and surrounding states.  We are planning weekends out exploring Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Lexington.  In order to help us plan our weekends, we are utilizing some great books from Reedy Press.  They have great “100 Things to Do In…” books.

100 Things to Do in Cincinnati Before You Die

100 Things to Do in CincinnatiCincinnati has been an important, intriguing city since its founding in 1788. One of America’s largest metropolises in the 19th century, it was known as the Gateway to the West. To reach to the American frontier, most travelers ferried down the Ohio River. In Cincinnati, they enjoyed a refined stop before heading to less civilized regions. In the mid-19th century, thousands of German immigrants found new homes in Cincinnati, a city reminiscent of the European regions they left behind. These industrious people established institutions and businesses that continue to give the city its unique identity from music (especially singing) to beer and the arts. Its a locale that thrives on entrepreneurial spirit and blends the industrial Midwest with the hospitable South. In 100 Things to Do in Cincinnati Before You Die, you’ll be pointed to many facets of the Queen City to explore. Fine and casual dining, arts and culture, fascinating history, great sports traditions and some uniquely local shopping opportunity are all described in this informative book. It’s sure to keep visitors entertained and provide lifelong Cincinnatians with a few surprises.

100 Things to Do in Cleveland Before You Die
100 things clevelandCleveland is a city on the rise. As a melting pot of arts and culture, a foodie paradise, and home to lush green space along Lake Erie, the world is catching on. Consider 100 Things to Do in Cleveland before You Die your insider’s guide to the city everyone is talking about. From sports fanatic to theater lover, there’s something here for everyone. So stroll thought the sprawling Cleveland Cultural Gardens, visit the birthplace of Superman and dance through the streets to the tune of Cleveland-style polka on Dyngus Day. But don’t forget to work up an appetite at Superelectric Pinball Parlor before you fill up on hot dogs topped with Froot Loops at Happy Dog while the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra plays. 100 Things to Do in Cleveland is a fun for the whole family look at how to experience the rock and roll capital, from the rich in history to the delightfully quirky.

100 Things to Do in Columbus Before Your Die
100 Things ColumbusColumbus is the capital of Ohio and the 15th largest city in the United States. What the stats won’t tell you, though, is that it’s a secret gem of the Midwest. The diverse population that calls CBUS home makes it a testing ground for new trends – from burgers to fashion statements. It’s the location of the headquarters for Express and Victoria’s Secret, Wendy’s and White Castle. But Columbus’s biggest attraction is its people, who are notoriously kind, smart, and progressive. Their innovative spirit and multi-faceted interests paired with the city’s relatively inexpensive rates and easy travel makes a visit to the 614 a non-stop adventure. Whether you take a stroll through the thriving independent arts districts or make a stop at the cultural mainstays (hello, best zoo and aquarium in America), time spent in the heart of Ohio will have you falling in love.