Guest Bloggers

Is It Really Vacation?

Today has been a full day.  I returned to work following a week long vacation with my daughter.  A thought is lingering in my head as I think about pre-vacation, vacation and post-vacation. Why do we work so hard to get ready to go and then find ourselves two weeks behind when we get back? (…)

Fun Discoveries on Vacation

Today has been a day of discoveries and “ah hah” moments.  Here they are in no particular order. 1.  Hannah has an amazing attitutude and tenacity when it comes to being tested.  During her private lesson today, both (yes, both) horses decided to test her and see what they could get away with.  She hung(…)

Venturing Away From The Ranch

Today, we had a great day at the ranch with another trail ride in the sun!  Afterwards, we enjoyed a stagecoach ride and a visit to the puppies to visit Tasha, Maggie and Collin.  After a morning of fun and sun, we decided to venture off the ranch and check out a Market and Petting(…)

Getting to Know the Ranch

After a seven hour drive in everything from light rain to absolute downpour, we arrived at the ranch.  When we left Dayton, the thermostat on the van read 79 degrees, upon arriving in Rothbury, Michigan, we were at 61 degrees.  Amazing difference. Check in went smooth with Matthew being an amazing help.  All of the(…)

On the Road Again

Our regularly scheduled blog will be taking a vacation this week to Michigan.  Hannah and I are leaving warm and toasty Ohio, and heading to the Double JJ Ranch in New Era, Michigan to be City Slickers for a week. When asked about vacation this summer, Hannah replied, “Mom, I want to go somewhere with(…)