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Kickin’ It with Mommy Zee:  Our First Official Week of Karate Classes

Kickin’ It with Mommy Zee: Our First Official Week of Karate Classes

We’re over a month into our classes, but this last week was the kids’ first official week. There were a couple of things that made this week’s classes different. One, this was their first week with the uniforms that Sifu Jeremy gave them at the end of last week. [This nearly made me cry (something(…)

Winter Weather Activities

Guest blog post submitted by Dayton Children’s Medical Center As parents and caregivers, we are looked up to by our kids.  We’re their role models.  Therefore, it is our duty to lead by positive examples, which as we all know… isn’t always easy! As we begin transitioning into winter, the severe weather continues to pick(…)

My Bladder and Lord of the Dance

Show me a mother who hasn’t had some kind of bladder emergency and I’ll tell you she’s a liar. Before he was born, my son literally put his feet on my bladder and played tether ball. I pictured him down there like a boxer on a speed bag kicking away at my bladder like he(…)

Teens: Hormones vs Habits

Teens: Hormones vs Habits

What memories do you hold from Jr. High and High School?  Were you one of the lucky ones or were you like most of us; trying hard but not always fitting in.  Those pre-teen to teen years are brutal; mean boys and caddy girls. Everyone is growing and maturing at a different rate and these differences can(…)

Hot Health Topic: Concussions

Hot Health Topic: Concussions

Concussions are a hot topic these days – and for good reason. A concussion is a traumatic force that causes a change in brain function.  That sounds a little scarier than “getting your bell rung” – and it is! As the Director of the Dayton Children’s Urgent Care Center in Springboro, I see many concussions(…)