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Disney On Ice Presents Treasure Trove at The Nutter Center

Disney On Ice Presents Treasure Trove at The Nutter Center

Disney On Ice is an amazing family experience and everyone should take their families!! I can say this because I am a true believer. We took our sons for the first time last year and we all enjoyed the show. Our kids love the Disney characters; unfortunately they are not so crazy about mascots and(…)

My Family is Not #1. Or So I Hear.

It’s official.  I am out of the running to have the happiest family possible, according to this Bounty study, anyway.  I currently have one child–a son, so my best potential ranking on the “happy list” is a #2 rank, assuming my next (and last) child is a girl. The UK parenting website examined over 2,000 families(…)

Where is the Instruction Manual?

How many times have you said, “I wish kids came with instruction manuals?” Up until now, there wasn’t one. Leave it to Jeremy Roadruck! He has a new e-book (yes, his second book), Your Best Child Ever; Is This Game Worth Winning. It’s billed as “The owner’s manual of children for parents, grandparents, caregivers, guardians,(…)

Soup Should Be Seen, Not Heard!

Soup Should Be Seen, Not Heard!

What is the key to being polite?  How do you set the table?  When do you write a thank you note?  What do you do before leaving a party? Have you wondered how to teach these things to your kids without sounding like you were preaching to them? was presented with a solution by(…)

Where Are All My Friends!!!

My four-year old daughter, Nya, has been attending a family home care provider for the past eight weeks, and has met a few new friends this summer.  These new friends come from different backgrounds and sets of values.  One thing that I like most about the family home care provider is that the children have(…)

My Husband’s Job Makes Me Sick….Literally!

My husband has worked at the same place for almost 7 years, during which time five of them we’ve spent in a relationship together.  From the very beginning, my husband’s job as a higher education professional was demanding and I saw his ability to cope with the stress and responsibilities as a sign of great(…)