Celebrate Kid Inventor’s Day

Some of the most ingenious things have been invented by kids. Did you know 15-year-old Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs in 1873? Kids can be quite surprising when it comes to solving problems. Encourage your young inventor with these books:

Kids' invention bookThe Kids’ Invention Book

The Kids Invention Book takes you step-by-step through the invention process.  Your kids will learn how to come up with an original idea, then how to test that idea and improve it until you have a product that really works.  Your kids will even learn how to protect your invention so that no one else can make or sell it.

This book provides great encouragement for kids.  Perfect for the individual child or for classroom discussions and  projects. The last several chapters of this book are devoted to helping inventors make their vision a reality, including a discussion on patents. This book encourages children to use their imagination and not be afraid to try new avenues.

101 ways to bug your parents101 Ways to Bug your Parents

Steve “Sneeze” Wyatt was born to invent things, and his latest gadget— the Nice Alarm, which wakes you up with a gentle tap on the shoulder—promises to make him rich and famous! All Sneeze needs to do is attend the Invention Convention, and he will be catapulted into stardom. So, when Sneeze’s convention plans are nixed by his parents, who have enrolled him in a creative writing class instead, he is appalled. For his first writing project, Sneeze starts a list of ways to bug his parents. It keeps growing until he hits upon a brilliant plan—a plan that will enable him to attend the convention with or without his parents. . . .

A great book for kids who love capturing their parents attention and love inventing hilarious things. Parents beware, at the end of the book, there is an actual list of 101 one ways to bug your parents. A funny book that is fast paced and will hold your child’s attention as well as inspire them.

101 ways to bug your teacher101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher

Steve Wyatt and friends are back in the second installment of this humorous and inspiring series. Appended are Steve’s amusing “101 Ways to Bug My Teachers” (most contributed by actual students) and instructions for a class project–mummifying a chicken. No kidding!

Steve “Sneeze” Wyatt is proud to be known for his fabulous inventions, but, unfortunately, they are also the reason his parents have decided that he should skip a grade and leave all of his friends behind in junior high! There’s no way the resourceful Sneeze is going to let that happen. He’s on a mission to think of 101 surefire ways to get under his teachers’ skin . . . and fast. And not even a worrisome case of inventor’s block, or fear of his history teacher Ms. “Fierce” Pierce, will deter him from his clever plan.

101 ways to bug your friends101 Ways to Bug Your Friends and Enemies

Yep! Steve “Sneeze” and friends are at it again… In true 101 Ways to Bug fashion, these is a list in the back of the book!

Steve “Sneeze” Wyatt is back and muddling through typical middle school experiences in an entirely atypical way. Between dodging the meathead golf team bully and puzzling out why girls have him and his friends acting so odd, everyone struggles through the throes of friendship and first love with a distinctly Cyrano de Bergerac spin. With a hilarious ensemble cast, plenty of zingy banter, and just the right amount of gross-outs, this latest in the 101 Ways series delivers exactly what fans want, and is sure to earn new ones too.