Introducing Chapter Books That Encourage Reading

Early chapter books are typically introduced to children in grades 2nd – 4th. Here are a few fun new early chapter books to get your child started in the world of chapter books.
Remy Sneakers Vs. Robo Rat

Remy Sneakers vs. The Robo-Rats

Remy Sneakers vs. Robo-Rats is the first book in a brand-new hilariously illustrated early chapter book series about friendship, city life and evil robots from award-winning author, illustrator and performer Kevin Sherry.

Remy Sneakers has never needed anyone’s help. He’s an independent raccoon with a crafty mind, a sweet pad, and collections of the coolest stuff imaginable. But when a master thief starts stealing things all over town, Remy is accused of the crimes!

Remy will have to find some friends in Mouse Town, Rat City, and Pigeon Place to help him clear his name. And when it turns out an evil toymaker with an army of robots is behind the thefts–and ready to take control of the whole city–Remy and his new crew are the only ones who can save their beloved home from total destruction!

Geronimo Stilton Micekings

Mickekings: Stay Strong Geronimo! (Geronimo Stilton)

Geronimo Stiltonord has been selected to judge the Shield Mouselet Mega Challenge, a competition of female miceking warriors. But all the contestants are so good, it’s impossible to choose just one winner! Even worse, since everyone is distracted by the challenge, the dragons launch a surprise attack! Will the micekings be able to defend their home?

Geronimo Stilton The Hunt for the Hundredth Key

The Hunt for the Hundredth Key (Geronimo Stilton)

My sister, Thea, had discovered an enormouse old castle built by the founder of New Mouse City! She and Trap dragged me along with them to explore it. Inside, we found one hundred keys… but only ninety-nine doors to unlock. What mysterious room did the hundredth key open? It was up to us to find it and reveal its secrets!

BONUS! After the story, read an extra Mini Mystery adventure and jokes galore!