Chill with the Penguins

Zazzle Penguin BlanketToday is Penguin Awareness Day so our entire day is filled with posts about Penguins! They are such loveable and social creatures – what’s not to love. After meeting the penguins during our time with Ric earlier, we just wanted one for around the house – one to play with and one to cuddle up with. Since we don’t exactly have the environment to have our very own penguin at the house, we looked for a few other alternatives. One of our favorite places to go to for fun and unique gifts and items for the home is Zazzle.

I figured checking out their site for Penguin stuff was a sure bet, but I had no idea how many Penguin items they had!  They had penguin items in all of these categories:

Our favorites and the ones that allow us to cuddle up with the penguins are out Chill’n Penguin Cartoon Throw Pillow and  Peguin Rookery Blanket.    The ordering process from Zazzle is quick and easy and their shipping and customer service is second to none.

I have to admit, I was a bit befuddled by the packaging our pillow arrived in and upon first appearance felt it must be incorrect.  It wasn’t, the pillow was just vacuum sealed with all of the air depleted within the packaging – what a brilliant way to ship the product.  We cut open the bag, very carefully, and poof – there was our pillow.  It is so adorable!!  The quality is wonderful and worth every penny of the price.  Did I mention it’s adorable.

The pillow arrived first, and it’s perfect for lounging on the couch and watching tv or reading a book. It’s also a good snuggle pillow for hugging.  The blanket arrived a day later and it’s so very soft and fluffy.  It will make you feel like you have a penguin curled up right beside you.  These two penguin products are so much fun to have around the house and get fought over.  We’ve even named the penguins on the pillow and blanket.

If you are looking for penguin products, check out the thousands of products over at Zazzle.  If you are looking for anything else, make Zazzle a go to stop for your purchasing needs.  They have a HUGE assortment of products and can help you find just about anything for anyone.

Special thanks to Zazzle for working with us on this post and supplying the Penguin blanket and pillow.