Clean It Up with DishFish

You probably don’t ask yourself often how much you like your current kitchen sponge, and I can’t blame you! BUT 75% of DishFish users prefer the DishFish Scrubber over what they were using previously – that’s kind of a lot!!

Do the kids do the dishes?  Maybe this fun sponge will have them helping out more just so they can play with the fun fish design.  I’ve been using mine for the past 3 months and it’s holding up so much better than what I was using before. It also doesn’t smell and it dries quickly thanks to the design.  The fun design isn’t just for looks, it’s great for cleaning the curves of bowls as well as pots and pans.  And, see the little gill slit in the photo below?  It’s great for cleaning cuttlery!


The DishFish scrubber offers powerful non-scratch scrubbing for the kitchen. Clean glasses, pots, greasy pans, sinks and sensitive surfaces with this powerful scrubber.

The DishFish is made with PowerCell Technology, an open-cell structure with flow-through cells that quickly release water, food and grease. This advanced technology helps the DishFish resist bacterial growth and odors.

The DishFish cuts through tough messes in warm water, and even tougher messes in cold water. Its soft, pliable material resists breakdown and flexes when wet. The DishFish won’t scratch surfaces, whether it is wet or dry.

The ergonomic fish shape allows the sponge to reach tough, tight areas while fitting perfectly in your hand. Smartly placed holes allow you to clean spoons and other cutlery with ease. Stand the fish by its tail to drain away excess water in minutes.

DishFish Dual and Scrubber are available on and at grocery stores across America, including Wegmans, Walmart and more! Swim with them on Instagram @thedishfish!