Creative Problem Solving with Magical Humor

Children’s Book Explores & Encourages Creative Problem Solving with Magical Humor 

Welcome to the home of The Treebobs – a magical forest where you can follow the adventures of the treebobs, fairies, witches and neerdowells as they encounter challenges that parallel the very real and important events facing children growing up in our modern world.

In The Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks, the enchanted forest comes alive with new, loud, awful sounds.

Rotten Rena the wicked witch of the forest and her equally wicked cousin Badlot Barbara are using their magic wands to cause large wood cutting saws to move through the air and cut through the branches of trees at a terrible speed.   Why are they doing this?

When each beautiful branch in the enchanted forest fell, they cackled hideously. “We are going to be rich!”, Rotten Rita says to Badlot Barbara.



The question, of course, that everyone was asking, was why were the two witches doing this?

The answer was soon to become all too clear when they saw the signs the witches posted.


“So that’s what it’s all about,” said Treebob Bluebell. “That terrible pair are cutting up the trees so that they can turn the branches into broomsticks.”

How can they be stopped before they destroy everything?

Well! That was the final straw. It was decided—with the threat of yet more damage to trees and the prospect of even more witches zooming around the forest on broomsticks—that enough was enough and an action committee was formed.


All of the Treebobs, fairies and squirrels gathered round while Jazz came up with the cleverest idea that anyone had heard.

All it needed was a little touch of fairy magic, a guitar, some squirrels, some sycamore seeds, and a bit of luck to make it work.

The Treebobs and the magical fairies team up … with quite dizzying results.


Will the Treebobs save the day?


The Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks

Declan Harney

Series: The Treebobs Series

Genre: Children ages 4-8 

Delightfully crafted prose filled with humor, entertainment and learning value, the Treebobs is for children ages four to eight. This truly magical series provides a mix of comical fantasy with positive messages, which appeal to children and adults alike. Includes activity pages to extend the learning for children at home or in the classroom

“This enchanting story will charm you from the first page to the last. From the adorable Treebobs and their wonderful friends who live in the magical Treebob tree to the silly, wicked witches, children will be drawn into the story by the vibrant illustrations and the engaging text. Where is the next one! I want more!” 
Lisa Kay Hauser, Award-Winning Children’s Book Author/Editor and Grandmother of 6 

Declan Harney started his professional life as an attorney in 1994. His focus is trusts law and probate. However, his passion for writing began as a child, entering many writing competitions for fiction and poetry. His love of writing children’s books started when he attended creative writing classes where he wrote “The Shop that sold wishes and magic”.  His stories of The Treebobs about the elves who live on a magical sycamore tree came from watching hundreds of sycamore seeds blowing in the wind on a stormy day. The first story of The Treebobs has now developed into a full series of 25 stories, all featuring the wonderfully wicked Rotten Rena, the magical Bindweed Belle and all the Treebobs in the enchanted forest. Declan Harney is a keen conservationist and supporter of woodlands and wildlife. He lives in a small town by the coast where he continues to write.

Maa Illustrations has more than eight years of experience in providing illustrations for worldwide publishers, authors, advertising companies, e-learning and game developers.This strong illustrator group has been working with Tales 4 All Publishers in delighting children of all ages with their vivid, creative illustrations for The Treebobs Series in the UK for the lasts several years.  And now we introduce their work in this series to children in the US.