Dressing For A Family Portrait: Things To Consider

Summer is the perfect time to get the entire family together and update some of the old family portraits that are hanging up around the home, as well as create for the perfect family bonding experience. Whether you get family photos done yearly or only every so often, family portraits are the ideal way to get everyone together and record a moment in time for years to come. However, getting family portraits taken can be understandably stressful as you try to get everyone together – particularly if you’re including extended relatives. Aside from hiring a reputable photographer to avoid a Glamour Shots scam, it’s also important to consider ahead of time what everyone will be wearing. Dressing for a family portrait is often subjective to your personal tastes but there are a few things to consider in order ensuring your photos are a success.

  1. To Match or Not to Match?
    We’ve all seen those terrible family photos floating around the Internet where every family member matches to a t, regardless of gender. However, there are ways to match everyone’s outfits tastefully. Rather than guess as “carbon copies”, choose a color scheme for everyone to follow of three or four colors. For example, aqua, yellow, brown, and white make for a great summertime photo-shoot color palette.
  2. Colors and Patterns to Avoid
    Keep in mind that this photo-shoot is for a framed family photo rather than an ad in a fashion magazine and therefore, bright colors and crazy patterns should be kept to a minimum. Avoid very bright colors that distract the eye, as well as bold patterns such as stripes, polka dots, etc.
  3. Formal or Casual?
    Every family is different and every professional photo should reflect that. Depending on your taste, you might choose to dress everyone up in blue, white, and khaki pants with polos or you may choose to be a bit more natural, allowing your family to dress as they would on a normal day (in good taste, of course). Oftentimes, the photo will look more authentic if you choose to go a more casual route.
  4. Props and Accessories
    Simple props and accessories can be used to enhance your portraits and make it more personal. Bring something that has a special meaning to you, such as a family emblem that you could incorporate into the photo-shoot.

There are so many ways to get creative with your family portrait, making it a fun time for the entire family to get together and create tangible memories. It’s important to check out online reviews and ask around to so you never have to worry about a Glamour Shots scam, as their staff has been rated as experienced and professional. Don’t become too stressed out regarding clothing – family portraits are best kept natural so simply stick to a color palette and a few general guidelines as mentioned above and have fun! Your energy and happiness will shine through in your photos, making them a tangible memory for years to come.

Avery Wilson is a freelance writer who loves to do the annual family photo!