Encouraging your kids to help in the kitchen… What do you do?

I often wonder what I can do to get my kids to want to help out in the kitchen, other than when they are hungry and pop something in the microwave and leave the plate on the table or if I am so luck, another dish in the sink. I have one daughter who does like to help out with cooking once in a while, but she seems to be growing out of it, instead of into it. I have tried a Chore Chart but by the time I write it all out, I could have done it myself. No, I’m kidding I am a fan of chore charts. Anyone have a good suggestion for a family of 5 kids ages 4-14? I posted this question on my Facebook account August, 27, 2012 and thought I would share with you some of the responses I received.


Patrick Lachut posted, “Get them involved. Teach them and let them help u with tasks that are in their skill/age range. My 6 yr old loves washing off potatoes, veggies and setting the table. My 14 yr old will help watch things cook and will measure out ingredients and stuff. We all read the recipe and do it step by step. They love to be involved but you have to be real careful.” I love getting a dad’s input! Here is another dad with an awesome idea.

Baily Pyle replied to the post, “I planted a garden with the kids then we started by using or veggies first.” That is defiantly a great way to get them involved as well as a great family activity and sense of accomplishment for the entire family. Kudos to the dad’s!!

My sister-in-law the librarian (smile while typing this) posted “Get a children’s cookbook and assign them a day to cook. Let them choose the menu and also assign them kitchen cleaning duties, less work for you mom. They have to learn one day!”

I really got some great ideas here and I will share with you how the kids cooking in our home turns out! Please share your ideas or successes. Thank you for reading Kids in the Kitchen.