Enjoy a Volcanic Adventure for National STEM Day

veronica and the volcatoToday is National STEM Day.  STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engieering and Math, is an acronym that was coined to address the current and future shortage of skilled workers in high-tech fields. It’s believed that, by teaching these subjects together, in an cohesive approach, STEM education will be more relevant and fun and thus attract more students. Author Geoffrey Cook is on a mission to bring STEM curriculum to children’s literature.

Cook’s new children’s book, Veronica and the Volcano, blends science with science fiction, straddling the world of the believable and fantastical and combining the latest earth science with incredible action. While writing, Cook extensively researched volcanoes, even visiting one. The most important volcanoes in the book are all based on real-world volcanoes like Krakatoa, Crater Lake, Mt. Pelee, and Tambora.

In Veronica and the Volcano kids will root for Veronica every step of the way, and while they are cheering her on, they’ll learn as well. Complementing STEM curriculum, the book is filled with educational elements about volcanoes, geysers, caves, and the wonders of physics. A glossary in the back provides an at-a-glance list of the facts in the book. Artist Gabrielle Shamsey lavishly illustrated the work with nearly 100 wonder-filled images of volcanic action.

geoffrey cook“I believe that nature is as fantastical as any imagination,” Cook says. “Raising daughters who embrace science and nature is one of the great challenges of our time. I hope Veronica can inspire young girls with an appreciation for the mystery of nature and a curiosity for science.”

Find out more at www.geoffreycook.com and connect with the author on: Facebook and Twitter.

Why we LOVE this book:

  • Fascinating book with a female lead that inspires both boys and girls
  • Adventurous story with illustrations that go along with the storyline perfectly
  • Writing is fast paced and educational
  • You can’t put it down and may just end up reading it in one sitting
  • Will leave you wanting a sequel