Enjoying the Parenting Roller Coaster

Parenting isn’t easy by any means and that’s why we strive to bring you great parenting resources. Move from reaction to positive actions that benefit the whole family with this latest parenting goldmine.

Nurturing and Empowering Your Children through the Ups and Downs

Parenting Roller CoasterParenting isn’t always the joy it’s made out to be. On the contrary, many parents feel they are struggling to maintain their sanity and control of their young children s behaviors. Enjoying the Parenting Roller Coaster offers realistic, practical advice for parents who want the joy back in parenting. Instead of getting bogged down in negative cycles, the book will help readers leave those behavior struggles behind and turn children on to cooperation and respect.”

About the Author

Marie Masterson, PhD, is an associate professor of early childhood education at Dominican University in River Forest, IL. She is a national speaker; child behavior expert; and educational consultant to state departments of education, schools, childcare centers, social service and parenting organizations. Sheis a Fulbright specialist and former early childhood specialist for the VirginiaDepartment of Education.

Katharine Kersey, EdD, is professor of early childhood education and director emeritus of the Child Study Center at Old Dominion University.