Entertainment While You Play At The Park

disc-jock-e-e-commerce-mainSummer is here and that means more time to play and be outside.  We are always looking for fun, new and innovative toys for the entire family.  We’ve got the most amazing toy today from Tucker Toys, the Disc Jock-e. A game of catch never sounded so good. The flying disc with a built-in Bluetooth speaker lets users stream music straight from the disc itself.

This innovative flying disk plays your music!    The Disc Jock-e is made of durable material and has a water-resistant design.  It also stays connected to your device for long distance play!  Enjoy music from your phone, laptop or tablet!


Kids, tweens, teens, and adults alike can now listen to their favorite songs by connecting any Bluetooth device to the flying disc, and rock out while they stay active. Disc Jock-e pairs in a snap, and kids can even turn up the volume, play, or pause right from the disc itself using the chunky, easy-to-push buttons.

The quality is impressive not only in sound but in quality of product, and users will love hearing the music get louder as the disc soars toward them. This flying disc is even water resistant and super durable, so it’s sure to withstand a summer full of fun.

The speaker rests in the center of the disc, so it doesn’t get in the way of throwing or catching. The disc is lightweight, allowing for easy, natural throws. The speaker does not weigh it down.

Disc Jock-e is available in orange or blue, and is perfect for the college quad, a backyard BBQ, or a trip to the beach. Turn up your next game of flying disc this summer with Disc Jock-e.