Evidence-Based Practices and How Its Implementation Improves Our Healthcare System

I was talking to a friend who is pursuing an online master in public administration degree the other day when the discussion got serious. We were talking about the healthcare system and how expensive it is to get the best treatment, despite changes such as the Affordable Care Act helping millions across the country. As it turns out, the use of expensive diagnostic tools such as MRI machines is partly to blame for the increase in healthcare costs.

According to studies by Rutgers Online, active steps are being taken to solve this potential issue before it becomes serious. The implementation of EBP or Evidence-Based Practices allows hospital management and public administrators to keep track of cases, treatments and other metrics for analysis. The goal is to reduce costly problems such as readmission and management costs.

You can learn more about EBP and how it is improving our healthcare system from the complete infographic by Rutgers Online.

Evidence-based-Practice-FINAL Set 31 23rd January