Experiments with Straws

drinking straws

Today is National Drinking Straw Day!  On January 3, 1888, Marvin C. Stone received the patent for the paper drinking straw.  In acknowledgment of that invention, each year on January 3, people across the nation observe National Drinking Straw Day.

One way to celebrate Drinking Straw Day would be to spend the entire day drinking all liquids via straws—your morning orange juice, afternoon mineral water, you evening wine and so on. One thing to watch out for here, however, is the fact that sucking any liquid into your mouth via a straw heats the liquid up by a few degrees, and that’s why hot drinks, such as coffee or tea, should not be drunk using straws, as that could lead to scalding your mouth.

Enjoy your favorite beverage using a drinking straw. Use #DrinkingStrawDay to post on social media.

We’ve got a round-up below of some of our favorite experiments you can do at home using drinking straws.

Build a Bridge Made Out of Straws

straw bridges

Make a Balloon Rocket

Make a Drinking Straw Weaving Loom
weaving loom

Make an Articulated Hand
articulated hand

What kind of fun activities do you like to do with straws? Find another activity on the web? Share it below so we can have even more fun with straws.