Exploring the Nations Capital

IMG_7765My family recently visited Washington DC for my daughter to receive her Congressional Gold Medal.  It was a pretty quick turn around trip but did afford us a few days of sightseeing.  As I had not been to DC since Hannah was 3, I wanted to brush up on what there was to see and do as well as have a handy pocket guide to help guide us around the city.

I absolutely loved using the Unofficial Guide to Washington, DC.  The planning your visit section helped us to select how we would travel to this beautiful destination and what to pack.

We chose to stay in an Airbnb rental and the descriptions of the neighborhoods helped us to be located close to the capital building and the sites we wanted to visit. Unofficial tips throughout the book, highlighted in blue text, give some amazing information on things you didn’t realize you needed to know. Things like, references to the “inner loop” and the “outer loop”, local terminology to references to the twin circles of the beltway.


Getting around DC can be an issue as this city is bustling. This is one city I would never want to drive in – the streets are confusing and the traffic a nightmare. We used Uber for several destinations due to the weather and the fact that we were dressed up for the awards ceremony. Other than that, the Unofficial Guide was a lifesaver in helping us navigate and understand the Metro.

IMG_1640The attractions section in this book helped us to navigate the Mall and know what to visit and where each museum was located. The book contained maps of the museums to know which floors were of interest to us as well as which exhibits. Individual gallery descriptions helped us to get the most of our little time in this splendid city.

As for dining, we asked the locals where they liked to partake for lunch and dinner. The guide was helpful in knowing pricing, type of food and a nice overview of what to expect. The listing of the phone number for each restaurant was extremely helpful and saved us time when trying to get reservations in a bustling city.

If you are heading to Washington, DC – pick up this book, use it to plan your trip and then make sure you pack it and bring it along with you. It will save you time and money.

There are more destinations, including Disney, represented in this series of books which has honest and outspoken advice from the unofficial experts. For more information, visit www.theunofficialguides.com