Family Game Night: Riddle Moo This!

Riddle Moo This Game

Family Game Night is a tradition in our household.  Every Friday we have dinner together, typically pizza, then play a game.  Sometimes we do themes and follow the game up with a movie, just depends on the mood for the week and what we have planned for Saturday.

This coming week, we have a “Moo – vie” theme.  Dinner is hamburgers and all the fixings.  We’ve got “Riddle Moo This” for our game and then we will be watching a “moo-vie” entitled, “Barnyard.” This fun night won’t end with cow tipping, but it will end with a delicious dessert of ice cream.

While you certainly know what hamburgers are and have probably heard of the movie “Barnyard,” you may not know about “Riddle Moo This.”

Riddle Moo This! is a silly riddle word game for ages 5 – adult that is for 3 or more players.  Cock-a-doodle do you know the answer?  It’s a fruit.  It can be red.  It crunches when you take a bite.  What’s the answer?  be the first to buzz in to win.

Riddle Moo This Game

This game will help build critical thinking skills along with vocabulary.  Game comes with 4 buzzers and 150 double-sided cards for 2 levels of play!   Buzzers require 2 AAA batteries, not included.

This fun game is disguised as learning and will have the kids laughing with the animal noises the buzzers make.  Adults can play as well, but it’s more fun to have the kids guess the riddles with an adult reading the questions.

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