The Holidays Have Past, But Family Time Should Always Be

guitar-1180744_640By: Travis Perry

From November to January we spend time as a family around warm fires, dinner tables, and parties. We listen to the various styles of music that accompany these celebrations with happiness and joy in our hearts. These moments are warm, and they bring us close together and as the year goes on we try to sustain those feelings of warmth for as long as we can. But the farther we get from January, the harder it is to keep that feeling alive. So we ask ourselves, what is the one thing that we can celebrate with all year long that reminds us of those close moments? What will keep our family joined together in joyous and happy moments? Music! At least in my house. Music is the fiber of our home all year long, but it didn’t come without a little bit of work and guidance from mom and dad.

I am lucky to have found a love for the guitar at a young age. Picking an instrument is always a triumphant moment for a kid, because they finally have a way to get the music out of their hearts and into the world. The day that I taught my daughter her first guitar lesson was a sad day. Her fingers hurt when she played, and that was the end of her journey on guitar. As a parent I melted. I just want to give my child the one part of me that I know will bring her such joy, and keep the fun of music in our family time moments. A solution was needed, so off I went planning and searching for a solution. How can I make playing the guitar easy and fun for my daughter? What does she need that will make this instrument a joy to practice, and not a pain? The answer was ChordBuddy. She needed a ChordBuddy.

ClassicalChordBuddyNeck5x51I made the first ChordBuddy out of Popsicle sticks in our kitchen. Once I saw that it worked, I knew that I could invent this as a support for my daughter, and for the rest of the world to learn guitar. The ChordBuddy has four color-coded buttons that when pushed, give the player the ability to play the perfect chord on the guitar. No pain, no frustration, just beautiful music. It worked for my daughters and my son; they can now play the guitar and share their music with the family. I aspire to bring the ChordBuddy into every household to help parents show their children that making music does not have to be hard, or painful. Making music is fun, beautiful, and a gift that makes us complete as human beings.

In my quest to prolong the special emotions of the holidays and have family time with my children, I have been lucky to have ChordBuddy. The ChordBuddy allows everyone to sound like an accomplished musician, and avoid the pain and frustration one normally starts with. The soundtrack to our memories has never sounded better! Because now the whole family can take part in creating them. The ChordBuddy family works tirelessly to bring the joy of music into homes around the world.

Music is a universal language, and ChordBuddy is a tool to communicate with each other.

Travis Perry has been a music teacher for more than 35 years and is the inventor of ChordBuddy ( His invention was showcased on ABC’s Shark Tank. He regularly makes appearances and speaking engagements at schools, and donated his invention to various charities including The Wounded Warriors Project.