Farmer’s Pantry. Feed Your Hunger.

CC_thumb_home_2017We are always on the go and having snacks readily available is a must. If we aren’t running errands or attending a friends sporting event, we are at the barn, riding horses or showing them. We are constantly on the go and snacks are sometimes our saving grace when time gets shortened and there is no time to grab a meal.

One of our go-to snacks is Cornbread Crisps made from real corn and made by Farmer’s Pantry. These individually packaged snacks come in 3 flavors – original, honey butter and jalapeno. These are baked, not fried, and are as wholesome as they can get. We are cornbread fans in this house – and when we found these thinly sliced chips, ti was crispy cornbread perfection.

100% of Farmer’s Pantry ingredients are grown on American farms. That’s what makes Farmer’s Pantry snacks taste so good. And that’s why they’re committed to giving back to the hard-working American farmers. Farmer’s Pantry proudly supports several organizations that share their commitment and dedicate their resources to helping family farms thrive.

These are so good, you can eat them right out of the bag or add them to a dinner of chili. They are a refreshing treat. My personal favorite was the Honey Butter.

What do you think of cornbread in a chip form?