Father’s Day: Story Time with Dad

grandpa-1722569_640Father’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to show Dad some love than with a story?  We’ve got some fun, funny, and heartfelt books to share with fathers, grandfathers, kids, and the whole family.

saturday with daddySaturday with Daddy

A young elephant and his Dady spend Saturday running errands, sipping lemonade, and having a cookout.  The charming art and simple story make this a perfect summertime book for fathers and their preschoolers.  The elephant family gives this book broad appeal.

Review from school library journal, “PreS-K-A little blue elephant and his dad spend Saturday morning running errands and preparing for a barbecue. They shop, assemble a grill, and cook together in their matching aprons. After lunch, they play in the yard, and then nap on a hammock. The mother makes several appearances throughout the day, but this title is a celebration of time spent with Daddy. Straightforward, matter-of-fact sentences and oil illustrations effectively capture the family’s day. Youngsters will enjoy snuggling up with their dads to share this one.” -Laura Hunter, Mount Laurel Library

Daddy DepotDaddy Depot

Come to Daddy Depot: The Dad Megastore! From Acrobats to Zookeepers, we have the perfect dad for you! Exchange your old dad for a brand-new one . . . TODAY!

Lizzie loves her dad, but he tells the same old jokes, falls asleep during story time, and gets distracted by football while Lizzie does her ballet twirls. When she sees an ad for a store called Daddy Depot, she decides to check it out―and finds dads of all kinds! Will Lizzie find the perfect dad? Join her on this sweet and silly adventure that celebrates fathers with lots of love.
Perfect for every day, not just Father’s Day!  Fathers are silly, annoying, and sweet all year ’round – featuring a cast of diverse dads, this is a great story for read aloud.  Every family shops, and many shop in big-box stores like Home Depot.  Kids will recognize this and be charmed by the idea (a fantasy of course) of “shopping” for a new dad!

daddies are awesomeDaddies are Awesome

Daddies are awesome! They’re warm and delicious.

They tickle and hug you and shower you with kisses.

Loving and thoughtful, playful and daring, cuddly and caring–daddies are awesome. This gentle rhyming text celebrates the special bond between father and child. Adorable doggy daddy and pup illustrations make this perfect for sharing!

With sweet images and text celebrating all kinds of daddies, this book is perfect for Father’s Day.  With all kids of dogs depicted, this book is irresistible for dog lovers.

This board book is perfect for storytime with infants and toddlers. The bright images will capture the youngest child’s attention. The pictures show playtime and activities with dad and pup.

my daddy rules the worldMy Daddy Rules the World

Who is your hero? Who’s your best friend?
Who says he loves you again and again?

Told through the voice of a child, Anita Hope Smith’s My Daddy Rules the World collection of poems celebrates everyday displays of fatherly love, from guitar lessons and wrestling matches to bedtime stories, haircuts in the kitchen, and cuddling in bed. These heartwarming poems, together with bold folk-art-inspired images, capture the strength and beauty of the relationship between father and child.

The cut paper images of father and child are powerful fold art – incredibly evocative and complement the powerful poems included in this book.  The special relationship between father and child is universal in theme making this book appealing to a wide audience.  This is an accessible exploration of poetry for the younger crowd, with familiar themes and language.

Things to do with Dad
Things To Do With Dad
Can a young boy figure out how to turn an obstacle into an opportunity in this nearly wordless picture book?

A morning of fun with Dad takes a turn for the boring when a long to-do list interferes. At first content to let Dad cross things off his list, the boy in the story soon realizes that the whole day will be spent on chores — unless he can come up with a solution. In his singularly expressive, kid-friendly style, author-illustrator Sam Zuppardi crafts a colorful celebration of the fun that can be had with just a little imagination — and a trusty green crayon.