Festival of Sleep Day

Kid'Sleep GlobetrotterTake a break on January 3 or Festival of Sleep Day by sleeping in, taking naps or just staying in bed the whole day long.  After all, it is now post-holiday and you may be recovering from all of that New Year’s Eve partying.  We thought this might be a fun day to introduce you to the Kid’Sleep Globetrotter by Claessens’ Kids, inc.

The Globetrotter has many benefits as it can be used as a night light, a sleep trainer for younger children or an alarm clock for older children.  It helps young children have an understanding of when it is time to get out of bed and when it is not.  It is a great tool for nighttime self-regulation, and the results that both parents and children get more sleep.

GlobetrotterThe Globetrotter helps kids stay in bed until it is time to get up.  If the sleeping sheep is lit, kids know to stay in bed.  When the awake sheep is illuminated, it is okay to get out of bed and start the day.  It even has an optional alarm, which is a very sweet bird chirping sound followed by a rooster crowing.  This product is wonderful for everyday use and for travel.  It’s lightweight and compact and easy to pack.  It also runs on batteries, so no worries of cords near the bed while your young one is sleeping.  Also, don’t worry about the light.  It’s not overly bright and therefore won’t keep your kids awake.  It provides enough light to be soothing at night and is bright enough to know which sheep is illuminated.

We say this “Festival of Sleep Day,” sleep in, lounge in your pajamas all day and curl up on the couch with a good book or a movie on Netflix.  And, if you have a little one that you need to work on the “sleep” aspect, check out the Globetrotter – heck, you can order it while curled up in bed or lounging in your pajamas.

Zazzle Penguin BlanketJust so you know, there is another fun holiday coming up – cuddle up day is January 6th. This is another great day to grab your pillow and blanket and just cuddle up on the couch for the day and relax.  Personally, we are preparing for this day with Zazzle as we have our Chill’n Penguin Cartoon Throw Pillow and  Peguin Rookery Blanket at the ready.  Watch for our post on January 20th as well for Penguin Awareness Day as we feature these products along with a behind the scenes look at the African Penguins from the Newport Aquarium in Covington, KY and we check out some fun books featuring Penguins.