Foodie Friday: Pizza on the Grill

pizza grilling panWhen it’s summer hot, the last thing we want is to heat up the house by turning on the oven.  We cook as much as we can on the grill and pizza is no exception.  I had no idea actually that this was possible, but it is and Cameron’s makes it easy with their Pizza Grill Pan.

About the Pan

Prepare, grill and serve delicious pizza right on the grill with Camerons Pizza Grilling Pan. The pan’s perforated cooking surface ensures even cooking and tasty flavor. It works not only pizza, but is great for grilling chicken, shrimp, vegetables and more! Homemade pizza also makes a fun interactive family activity. Let kids and guests create their pizza however they like it by trying new ingredients and getting creative with toppings, such as a Southwest style or even a balsamic sweet potato pizza! The best part of Camerons Pizza Grilling Pan is the heat resistant handle detaches from the grill pan, allowing you to close down the grill lid with the pan inside, and makes for convenient space-saving storage after use. The detachable handle keeps you protected from the heat and gives you the freedom to serve the pizza without having to slide the pizza on or off the pizza stone or grill. Camerons Pizza Grilling Pan has extra-high side walls keeps food stable in the pan and is also a great addition for you deep dish pizza fans! The pan has an 100% non-stick surface and is dishwasher safe, making clean up easier than ever.

Available for purchase on Amazon and Retail Price: $14.99.

Our Thoughts

This product makes cooking pizza on the grill super easy.  The handle allows for easy placement on and off the grill so no burnt hands, fingers or fumbling with a hot pad.  We also love the easy clean up of this pan.  Slide the pizza off, let it cool and pop it straight into the dishwasher.

pizza on pan

We tried this pan with both a frozen pizza (yep, we were super busy that night and needed something fast) and a pizza shell to make our own custom pizza.  The pan worked great for both.  My kids plan on experimenting with pizza squares and empanadas in the near future.

We plan on taking this along to our horse show in a couple of weeks as the food vendors are pricey and you can stand in line for nearly an hour at times.  We’ve got the Forman Electric Grill and this pan works wonders for whipping up a pizza.

Give As  A Gift for Father’s Day

One final thought!  This would make a great Father’s Day gift for those grill master dads!!