Foodie Friday: Sweeten Your Year with a New Cookie Every Day

365 cookiesSatisfy your sweet tooth all year with Taste of Home 365 Days of Cookies.  This amazing encyclopedia of cookies includes cookies for every traditional holiday from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, but what about Hedgehog Day, Waffle Day, Rootbeer Float Day or National Brownie Day?  With this gem, you will be covered for anything and everything you need cookies for.

If you are in a rush for time, open up this cookbook and look for the Short & Sweet icon to make quick and easy cookies for lazy-day munching or when you need a quick snack for the road.

We love that this cookbook lays flat and includes prep and baking time for each recipe.  The full-color photos will have your mouth watering in anticipation and will make it hard to choose which cookie to make on any given day.  Includes handy baking tips and how-to’s, shipping and storage solutions, gifting and display ideas so you can make the most of each batch no matter who will be eating them.  There are also no-bake options as well as recipes that don’t use butter.  This is particularly important in our household as we have a child with food allergies.

Think about this amazing book for a friend or family member for the holiday season and they will  be thanking (and maybe even baking for you) you all year long.