Four Tips for Maintaining Your Physical Appearance after Having a Baby


Maintaining your physical appearance after having a baby can be challenging. After all, you’ve housed a growing child in your body for almost a year. Your body experienced a wide range of changes. It’s almost as if a zombie came in and took over your body. It can be both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. When you have a child, it’s easy for the child to consume your life. However, it’s so important to remember yourself in the process. Consider these four tips to help you ease into a new flow of physical beauty within motherhood.

1. Makeup
Makeup is a great option to accessorize your look. If you wear necklaces, the baby might try to chew on them and break them. To create a look that’s both polished and pretty, find a great under-eye concealer. The concealer will cover up those dark under-eye circles. Add a lovely shade of lipstick in a bright color. A quick coat of dramatic mascara will help and you’ll be good to go. That process doesn’t take more than five minutes and will do wonders for helping you look alert and fresh.

2. Jeans & Leggings
Jeans are classic pants and they’re easy to accessorize. Choose stretchy jeans so that you can feel comfortable to move and keep up with your baby. If you’re going to the opening game for the Giants, it’s good to have a comfortable pair of jeans you can always rely on. Wear it with your favorite jersey and baseball hat for a full look. You can even make sure the baby matches with a fun SF Giants hats and jerseys in their size. Leggings are life-savers for many moms. Find leggings in different materials to add some flair. Leather leggings are jazzy and easy to add to a fun blouse and a pair of boots in the wintertime.

3. Flats
Don’t just opt for the orthopedic shoes. Look online for cute flats that have tons of support. This way, you’ll support your body well and you’ll be cute at the same time. If you have a love for boots and sneakers, consider purchasing insoles that you can add. This will increase your level of comfortability. You’ll be able to walk around with the baby and feel comfortable at the same time. It’s so essential to honor the need for comfort. Treat your body kind in this way. If the shoes seem like a larger investment, don’t hesitate to make it. Your body will thank you in the long run.

4. Dresses
Dresses are easy to slip on and off. Get a few dresses in classic colors like black, forest green and navy blue. Then, add a few dresses that have loads of patterns, cuts and trendy flair.